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Dental Tribune United Kingdom Edition

9EventsApril 15-21, 2013United Kingdom Edition G GUARANTEED PERFORMANCE There’s No Doubt About It You & Your Assitants are the driving force of your success! Wide back for elbow support 30 degree base rotation with lock Swing-down locking armrests Double articulating pinch-style headrest Staying In Control Multifunction touchpad with four programmable preset positions that accommodates three additional controls Flawless Mechanics Hydraulic cantilever mechanism with full emergency shut down Slim By Design Thin, sturdy back with full lumbar support right & left patient access Strong Foundation Solid cast aluminium base with surface contact levelling for greater stability and weight distribution Forest Dental Ultraleather™ upholstery Available in 15 colours Be Wise! Building a comfortable and friendly environment with good infrastructure is essential for your productive and creative work. Such a pleasant, appealing and non- threatening experience, creates a professional atmosphere, happy assistants and satisfied patients. Relaxed patients are easier to treat and your key source of referral patients. Working together we can evolve an enhanced work space that is conducive to you and your staff’s well being, as well as welcoming to patients. Whatever Contact us today for your comfortable working environment 01274 88 55 44 Whatever your needs Trycare Legendary Reliability Good Looks & Affordable Excellence Surgery Design & Planning Price On Request tel. 01274 885544 tion system, but adjusts to ro- tate or reciprocate in the canal based on the file load. The fil- ing sequence is intuitive, easy to follow and highly efficient, and file matched obturation systems are also available. I am also very confident that it greatly decreases the risk of file separation in highly curved canals, and I will present in- teresting case studies demon- strating this. In addition, TF Adaptive is designed to work consecutively with EndoVac, the latest generation of nega- tive apical pressure irrigation systems. Broad understanding “My lecture will serve as an introduction to the new prod- uct, and I hope delegates will leave with a broad under- standing of the differences be- tween the new system and old- er ones. I hope they take away all the advantages and disad- vantages of each system and are then able to apply these in their practice, helping them to choose the most suitable file every time. I will also be using as much scientific evidence and clinical trials to illustrate my point as possible.” With so many different ways now available for dental practitioners to gain further education and training, Adi discusses the benefits of at- tending events such as CIC. “The set up of these events allows for personal interac- tion – delegates can ask the Specialists and experts spe- cific questions and really get all the information they need,” explains Adi. “By name, this is the Clinical Innovations Con- ference, so it also presents a great opportunity for profes- sionals to discover the very lat- est products and techniques to reach the industry. It’s a highly effective way for practitioners to keep up-to-date.” Award In addition to the conference programmes, CIC 2013 will also host the return of the Clinical Innovations Award. Recognising the newest and most influential developments and products in the profession, a panel of esteemed profes- sionals will announce the win- ner during the course of the evening’s celebrations. Profes- sionals in attendance will have the opportunity to make new acquaintances and catch up with old friends, while enjoy- ing an evening of delicious cuisine and live entertain- ment. The Clinical Innovations Conference 2013 will be held on 17th and 18th May at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in Kensington, London. With time fast running out, make sure you don’t miss out and book your place today! DT About the author As well as work- ing as a special- ist Endodontist in the referral-based Harley Street Den- tal Studio and En- doCare, Adi is an Associate Clinical Teacher in En- dodontics at the University of Warwick, Coventry and an honorary lecturer in the depart- ment of Endodontics in the Hebrew University – Hadassah. In addition to graduating his primary dental studies with honors and completing a 3 year full-time specialty programme in En- dodontics, Adi also completed a full- time 1 year internship programme in Periodontology. Adi routinely lectures on Endodontics to postgraduate MSc students and general dental practi- tioners both nationally and abroad and runs hands-on clinical courses. He is involved in research and his main fields of interest include Dental Traumatology, Dental pain and Endo- dontic Microbiology and Immunology. ‘The set up of these events allows for personal interac- tion – delegates can ask the Specialists and experts specific questions and real- ly get all the infor- mation they need’ About the event To find out more or to book your place, please email info@health- or call 020 7400 8989