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Dental Tribune United Kingdom Edition

April 15-21, 20138 Events United Kingdom Edition Most importantly Sterisil® products are safe for all. They do not harm your equipment. They have no adverse effects on your composite fillings nor do they dissolve amalgam. They do not contain oxidisers or iodine and chlorine which have been shown to increase mercury discharge. The Sterisil Product Line also eliminatestheneedtoemptybottles,purgeandairdrylinesatnight. Handpiece performance! Many clinicians have reported improvements in the performance of their handpieces and the easy annual replacement takes only one minute of your time, and no tools are required! We will even tell you when your straw needs replacing. Kind to your unit! • Eliminates the need to empty bottles, purge and air dry lines at night. • Sterisil Straw disinfects dentalwater lines 365 days of the year. • The solution to transitioning from daily tablets to a single yearly change. Taking only minutes with no tools required. • Includes automatic Shock Treatment upon initial use for optimum control of HPC bacteria and additionally to prevent the growth of bacteria. • FDA Cleared and EPA registered to produce CFU per ml HPC purity 50 times below the ADA and CDC guidelines. Antimicrobial Tubing & Bottle! Sterisil’s antimicrobial tubing and bottles resist the growth of bacteria on their surfaces. A continuous flow of Sterisil’s antimicrobial component is supplied to the tubing over an extended period of time. The antimicrobial activity regenerates tubing, keeping it antimicrobial indefinitely. The Sterisil Straw and antimicrobial bottle are a graduation to a virtually maintenance free dental waterline disinfection solution from daily and/ or hourly maintenance tablets. The Sterisil® Straw works night and day for 365 days to disinfect your dental unit water lines and provide safe and clean water for you, your staff and patients. Simply remove the existing tubing and install the new antimicrobial Sterisil® tube and Sterisil Straw to your existing fitting. Sterisil Straw is so effective that even well maintained units can still be heavily burdened with Biofilm. The shock treatment can be so shocking that yards of Biofilm are ejected during flushing! If you are in any doubt, a short term treatment with Citrisil shock tablets will consistently kill the existing Biofilm in your dentalwaterlines, which can then be maintained with the Sterisil Straw. In cases where Biofilm has established itself in multiple layers over an extended period of time, multiple shocks are most likely necessary. Our three month Starter Package will optimise the disinfecting of the Biofilm as well as the gradual removal of dead Biofilm in your waterlines. Together, the Sterisil® Straw and BioFree products provide a maintenance free program for delivering compliant dental water. (Inc. Biofilm free bottle & tubing). Straw avaliable separately G GUARANTEED PERFORMANCE tel. 01274 885544 S howcasing the latest innovations to hit the UK dental profession, Healthcare Learning: Smile- on are delighted to bring you the Clinical Innovations Con- ference 2013, in conjunction with the AOG and The Dental Directory. The impressive line-up of speakers will include a variety of internationally renowned professionals, all discussing the hottest topics, products and trends in dentistry. A DFT Conference will run alongside the main programme, offering London Deanery Foundation students an insight into the modern world of dentistry. Adi Moran Amongst the highly respected speakers will be Endodon- tic Specialist Dr Adi Moran. Having originally qualified with honours from Semmel- wels University in Budapest, Adi undertook post-graduate training in Periodontology be- fore going on to specialise in Endodontics. He is currently an associate clinical teacher in the Department of Endodon- tics at the University of War- wick, leading MSc courses and research, as well as a guest lecturer at prestigious events around the world. He practices as an Endodontist on a referral basis at Harley Street Dental Studio and EndoCare. “As I haven’t attended CIC before, I am looking for- ward to my first experience,” says Adi. “My lecture will fo- cus on a brand new product to the UK. First introduced in the US in February 2013 and launched in Europe at the IDS 2013, I will discuss the many benefits of the new TF Adaptive NiTi system from SybronEndo. This twisted file system not only combines all the unique features of the current rotary TF systems, but also takes the advantages of the present reciprocation NiTi systems while eliminating many of their disadvantages. Less pain “For example, the TF-A system is designed for significantly reduced debris extrusion, a known issue with the recip- rocation systems currently available. This in turn encour- ages less post-operative pain for the patient. Additionally, the older systems advocate the use of a single file, which sometimes isn’t the most ef- ficient approach, especially on molar teeth. The new TF Adaptive supports up to three files, enabling the practitioner to choose whether to complete treatment with one, two or all three files, depending on the canal dimensions and apical size. It utilises all the advan- tages of the current TF rota- Introducing the latest innovations at CIC 2013 Dr Adi Moran, specialist in endodontics, gives a sneak-peek at his lecture ‘I hope they take away all the ad- vantages and dis- advantages of each system and are then able to apply these in their practice’