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Dental Tribune United Kingdom Edition

27ReviewApril 15-21, 2013United Kingdom Edition Best ever value cone beam CT Veraviewepocs 3D R100 & F40 Up to three times the image detail of other 3D X-ray systems Revolutionary R100 Reuleaux triangle full arch field of view Compact, versatile and affordable Extra clarity for implantology, endodontics and oral surgery Focus on the anatomy you need to see Up to six fields of view from 40mm to R100 Reuleaux arch Confidence of high definition, distortion-free radiographs High speed, high quality, low dose image Easy and accurate automatic scout positioning Multi-layer panoramic images Up to three times the image The Dental Imaging Experts G Comprehensive service and support plans G Independent specialists in digital X-ray systems Telephone: 0845 602 4944 Email: FREE demonstration call 0845 388 3380 or email See what you’re missing NEW updated Conebeam A4 advert 9280.indd 1 17/10/2012 10:46 impacted canines, segmented mechanics and demonstrated how torque control was pos- sible with 2D brackets. He concluded that the 2D lingual technique can often simplify lingual treatment although it does have its limitation and art is certainly the sentiment. eBrace The last speaker for the morn- ing session was Dr. Silvia Geron from Israel. Dr. Geron commonly uses eBrace in her clinical practice and wanted to share with the group her experience of the appliance. eBrace is a fully customised lingual appliance with a self- ligating option. The unique- ness of the appliance is: • its small size • comfortable fit • ease of early engagement of all the brackets • the built-in torque in the bracket base and slot which reduces need for bending the archwire Dr. Geron highlighted that the key to success is to man- age your patients’ expecta- tions and to think like an or- thodontist not like the system! Dr. Didier Fillion was next to take the centre stage and he took the time to show how new advances were being incorpo- rated into the Orapix system with the use of CT scans and intra-oral scanning. He dis- cussed openly his way of ‘less is more’ and doing it ‘my way’. His passion for a straightwire system came across strongly and this is what he is working towards in his practice. Advances Last but not least was Dr. Gi- useppe Scuzzo, whose passion and expertise in the lingual technique thrilled the audi- ence. Dr. Scuzzo, in his talk, set out to debate why more or- thodontists are not using lin- gual appliances in their every- day practice. He discussed the advances of appliances, where we now have aesthetics, com- fort and biomechanical ef- ficiency and demonstrated this with the amazing clini- cal results he achieves with lingual appliances. Along the way he dropped in clinical tips such as distilisation of upper first molars using the modi- fied Pendulum appliance and concluded that lingual appli- ances should be the appliance of choice in every orthodontic practice! The BLOS Spring meeting was a success. We were in awe of the new technology being incorporated into lingual ap- pliance systems and left feel- ing motivated and enthused to try it out! DT Some of the BLOS committee who organized the meeting with author Angela Auluck second from right and (l-r) : Megan Hatfield, Rob Slater, Ian Hutchinson, Didier Fil- lion, Asif Chatoo, Mark Sayers, Paul Ward and Sunil Hirani ‘Dr. Geron high- lighted that the key to success is to manage your pa- tients’ expectations and to think like an orthodontist not like the system’