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for the dentist and technician alike. These strips are flex- ible measuring instruments in three different thicknesses. They are very useful to assess the inter-occlusal space when preparing a posterior tooth for a crown or bridge. In addition, it is possible to paint some Arti-Spot® on one side of the Fleximeter-Strip and place this coloured side against the prepared tooth. The pa- tient is then asked to bite up and down. Where there is in- adequate clearance, the oc- clusal aspect of the prepared tooth will mark red, and this can then be accurately ad- justed. The thicknesses of the Fleximeter-Strips 1.0mm, 1.5mm, and 2.0mm can also be used to enlarge the vertical dimension (bite height). They are made from a special sili- cone rubber that can be steri- lised up to a temperature of 200ºC. Use of T-Scan T-Scan is a computerised oc- clusion software system. Used in conjunction with the “two phase articulation system” of occlusal markings is the most precise way to make occlusal adjustments and equilibrate an occlusion. Summary By understanding the design and differences between ar- ticulating papers allows the dentist to make accurate and precise markings. This will then help more accurate ad- justments to be made rather than “just chasing the blue marks”. DT About the author Ashish B Parmar (Ash) is a private dentist and has a unique state-of- the-art practice in Chigwell, Essex called Smile De- sign By Ash (www. smiledesignbyash. Ash is a national and international lecturer and was one of the main dentists on the three series of Extreme Makeover UK. He offers an outstanding eight- day Course which includes training on leadership, vision creation, goal setting, step by step techniques in doing Smile Makeovers, treating ad- vanced cases (e.g. wear cases), lasers, fibre-reinforced composite dentistry, photography, communication, case presentation skills, team develop- ment, occlusion, etc. Ash has written numerous clinical articles in dental journals and is well recognised for his passion in cosmetic dentistry – using both composite and porcelain techniques. To review many other informative articles and FREE TRAIN- ING CLINICAL VIDEOS, and to find out more about the unique training Course run by The Academy By Ash, visit, or send an email to training@theacad- Alternatively, you may phone Ash personally on his mo- bile number 07971 291180. ‘These strips are flexible measuring instruments in three different thickness- es. They are very useful to assess the inter-occlusal space when preparing a posterior tooth for a crown or bridge’ Fig 9 Fig 10 Fig 11 April 15-21, 201316 United Kingdom EditionClinical page 15DTß THE UNIQUE 8-DAY HANDS ON SMILE DESIGN, RESTORATIVE AND OCCLUSION COURSE Why choose ash for your dental education? • High levels of integrity and his endorsement from leading international dentists • To benefit from his investment in a world-class education • His practical and professional teaching style, with a pursuit for excellence Who is this course for? • A Principal of a practice • A Dentist that wants to offer more private dental care (including Smile Makeovers to a high standard) • The aspiring, young Associate Dentist     What are the main benefits of attending this Course? • Learning about all the main topics to create a successful and profitable dental practice • Master how to do a comprehensive dental assessment – the key to clinical success! • Learn all the clinical aspects of doing a SmileMakeover case (8-10 units) and also how to confidently treat a full mouth wear case • Occlusion simplified and made easier to understand • The Art of Communication and Selling in a high integrity and non-pressurized way • How to become a great Leader, motivate, empower & develop your dental team, and achieve a Balanced Life “Ash combines clinical excellence with a deep rooted commitment to his family… He is at the top of his game as a Dentist and is one of the most grounded humans I have met.” Chris Barrow, Dental Coach Course runs from June to November 2013 Visit our website for full programme dates £5250 + laboratory fees for a Dentist treating a patient for a smile makeover £3250 as an observer Dentist finance options available Visit Ash’s amazing website full of excellent information, videos and articles Contact Cheryl (Ash’s Manager) on 020 8500 0544 or speak to Ash himself on 07971 291180 You can e-mail Ash at The Preferred Training Academy For Excellent Dental Education BONUS 2-DAY COMPOSITE COURSE WITH GC (WORTH £595) - FREE OF CHARGE TO ALL ACADEMY BY ASH DENTIST DELEGATES