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Dental Tribune United Kingdom Edition

Your local distributors: Phone 01189 516161 all your oral hygiene supplies Phone 01737 765400 Piksters TM REALITY Five Star Award HHHHH REALITY'S C H O I C E S 4.6 out of 5 WIRE DIAMETER COMMON USES Perio & between missing teeth Under ortho wires & for large spaces Bridges, ortho & general use General oral hygiene needs, bridges & implants, posterior and anterior usage Small anterior spaces, dontic canal scrubbing Splinted/stripped teething Size 7 (0.7) Size 6 (0.6) Size 5 (0.55) Size 4 (0.5) Size 3 (0.5) Size 2 (0.5) Size 1 (0.45) Size 0 (0.35) SMALL MEDIUM LARGE 8 Sizes No 1 Selling Interdental Brush in Australia and NewYork Source:Neilsen’sdata “Most Used/Recommended* Brand of Interdental Brush in Australia”* BasedonasurveyofAustralianDentistsJuly2006.Numberofrespondents=400. ResultspreparedbyMicromex-anindependentmarketingresearchcompany. 3 3 10 Pack 10 brushes of the same size per pack. (Available in 8 sizes) Variety Pack A small trial pack containing 8 brushes, one of each size (0-7). Buy 5 boxes of ‘10 Packs’(all sizes) and receive a FREE BOX(10 packets) of Variety Packs PikstersTM usethispack: •todemonstratecorrectuseofthebrushtothepatient •tocheckthatthesizeyouarerecommendingiscorrect •forsamplestogivetoyourpatient Thispackisdesignedfor professionaluseonly. NotforResale. PROFESSIONAL PAck 200brushes AUSTRALIA:2/8binalongWay, Macksville,NsW2447 Tel+61265683773 EUROPE: Obelis s.a boulevard Général Wahis 53, 1030 brussels, beLGIuM Tel: +(32) 2.732.59.54 Fax: +(32) 2.732.60.03 U.S.A.: 13428 Maxella Ave, Private box 448, Marina Del rey, California 90292. Call Toll Free: 1877 227 0855 brushes x20 x40 x35 x35 x30 x20 x10 x10 SIZES QUANTITY PER SIZE Colour of handle follows the same colour sequence as endodontic files. PROFESSIONAL PACK A large variety pack containing 200 brushes. ONLY available to dentists and hygienists. This pack makes it easy to demonstrate the brush without having to break into a 10 pack. Once you have determined the size your patient needs, simply tick the correct size on the referral pad so the patient remembers the size they need to get. 40 PACK A bulk pack that lasts patients from recall to recall. 40 brushes of the same size. (8 sizes) From £1.68 STRONGER, STIFFERWIRE • More resistant to bending and buckling – even in the smaller sizes. • High quality bristles which deliver superior cleaning ability and extended brush life. CONVENIENT & HYGIENIC • Every brush has a cap which acts as a handle extension. • One piece design - no assembly. • Compliance is related to convenience. • Practical and compact pack sizes. BRILLIANT IN FURCAS • The bristles compress on insertion and spring open on withdrawal - excellent cleaning in the difficult areas where it matters most, molars & premolars. • Many brushes have a softer wire.This tends to buckle and break easily and brushes have to be discarded after a single use. • Disposable brush heads are difficult to insert for some patients and less hygienic. • Floss is not as effective in cleaning concave surfaces, it forms a straight line across the face of root concavities. From £22.95 From £1.29 From £5.99 Interdental Brush NEARLY 1/2THE PRICE Piksters Other leading brand .16p per brush .27p per brush