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Dental Tribune United Kingdom Edition

April 15-21, 201312 Money Matters United Kingdom Edition Long lasting comfort & relief The Accepted Best For Over 30 Years Each kit comprises of 2x27gm Cartridges, 10 mixing tips, 10ml primer and mixing accessories. Sofreliner Tough Medium Kit Super silicone reline material for long term comfort for denture patients. Sofreliner Tough Soft Kit Super soft. long lasting patient comfort. Great for tissue conditioning. Rebase II Hard Reliner Fast setting, Light Pink Kit comprises of 80gm Powder, 50ml Liquid, 15ml Adhesive and mixing accessories. 90 Second Working Time, 10 Second Cure! Superb Wear & Polishability Thanks to patented ‘Rapid Amplified Polymerisation’ (RAP) Thanks to synthesised Optimal diameter spherical filler A2 IS IN ALL THESE SHADE GUIDES! SEE IT ONLY UNDER ULTRA VIOLET! Competitors Jagged Filler Estelite Spherical Filler Aesthetic Magic! Restorative Composite Estelite Σ Quick Sigma Estelite SQ Syringe A3 3.8g Estelite SQ PLT A3 0.2g Pk 20 The unbeatable tokuyama chairside reline materials Great Introductory Offers Avaliable! Fantastic Introductory Offers Avaliable! tel. 01274 885544 D entists working in the NHS should be aware of changes to the system for allocating pension entitlements. This is the advice of David Paul, a NASDAL member and an au- thority on dentists’ pensions in England and Wales. His remarks coincide with the issuing of the Annual Reconciliation Report (ARR), the paperwork relied upon by NHS Dental Services (NHSDS) at Eastbourne for the allocation of dentists’ pensions. The first key change is that in future, all practice-owners must check with their associates that they have allocated the correct pension entitlement to them. The second is that the ARR for 2012/13 can be submitted electronically via the NHS portal. The electronic system requires the validation of the performer before the ARR can be submitted. These changes have been de- signed to address the confusion that resulted from the 2006 Con- tract when the responsibility for pensionable earnings was trans- ferred to the provider at practice level. Since no clear definition of what constituted pensionable earnings existed many perform- ers, at least 3000, did not get their correct entitlement in the first six years of the contract. Asaresult,saysDavid,detailed discussions between NASDAL, the BDA, the Pensions Agency and NHSDS occurred during the sum- mer and autumn of 2012. Since then, the Pensions Agency has updated its pension guide for GDS and PDS dentists. Practice-owners now have guidance to make sure the correct entitlements are allo- cated. David believes that electronic submission of the ARR is the way forward, advising that dentists will find a new facility on the toolbar of the NHS dental portal enabling the ARR to be completed by the provider, authenticated by the performers and then submit- ted to NHSDS. Paper ARRs will be available for 2012/13, says David, but as electronic submission will streamline the whole operation, it is the NHSDS preferred option. David added: “If dentists are concerned whether they were al- located their correct pensionable earnings between 2006 and 2012, or are confused about the current year, I urge them to talk to their specialist accountant, preferably NASDAL, who should be able to help them ensure they get the cor- rect amount of pension.” Finally, he reminds practice- owners that June 30 is the date by which the ARR should be sub- mitted. DT Major changes to ARR makes pensions for dentists more transparent Information for dentists Information for dentists: The new NHS BSA guidance can be found at: Pensions/GDP_Pensions_Guide_ (V2)_12.2012.pdf David recommends Chapter 4 These improved guidance notes clearly set out the steps to be undertaken by the pro- vider (the contract holder) to complete the ARR. NASDAL’s guidance written by David Paul is at: docs/