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United Kingdom Edition April 1-7, 20136 News D idier Fillion, the or- thodontist who has done more than any- one else to further the cause of lingual systems, especially in the UK where he works part-time, was celebrated by the British Lingual Orthodon- tic Society(BLOS) at its Spring meeting. Having been a founder member of BLOS in 2003, he went on to become its first Chairman and then first Presi- dent. He was also a founder member of the French, Euro- pean and World lingual soci- eties. He has been a regular speaker at BLOS events and was on the programme at the Spring meeting with a talk called: ‘Yes we scan! Rob Slater, a BLOS com- mittee member who, with Asif Chatoo, was also a founding member of BLOS, paid tribute to Dr Fillion. He told the audi- ence how Didier learned about the lingual technique directly from its inventors in the 1980s but then, after it went out of fashion in the 1990s, he main- tained a practice dedicated to lingual. In the 21st century, as new and more sophisticated lin- gual systems were brought to market, Didier was available to teach and inspire younger practitioners. Dr Slater continued: “Di- dier was there at the birth of modern lingual orthodon- tics and has continued to be at the forefront of new tech- nologies. He has been a great ambassador for ortho- dontics in the UK and with this in mind the committee agreed that he should be rec- ognised for his work and it is an honour for me to present him with the Life Membership of BLOS.” The framed certificate of life membership and a Map- pin and Webb decanter were the gifts which marked the end of Dr Fillion’s era as BLOS President. He is soon to chair the meeting of the World Soci- ety of Lingual Orthodontics in Paris in July. DT Celebration of world’s undisputed lingual leader L-R Didier Fillion, Rob Slater U K dentist and Mouth Cancer Foundation Ambassador, Dr Phil- ip Lewis, plans a life-saving presentation to delegates at the BDA Conference and Ex- hibition at 12:15 pm on Satur- day 27th April 2013. Dr Lewis explains how by carrying out thorough head and neck can- cer checks at routine appoint- ments lives will be saved. The presentation is the formal launch of the Mouth Cancer Foundation’s new screening initiative, the Mouth Can- cer Screening Accreditation Scheme. The scheme will recognise dental practices that demon- strate a visible commitment to increasing public awareness of mouth cancer screening to all patients and to establish a documented referral pathway with a local specialist department. Awareness is integral to achieving early detection of head and neck cancers, thus saving lives. The Mouth Can- cer Foundation will accredit dental practices that meet cer- tain criteria and routinely par- ticipate in oral cancer screen- ing. Full membership includes access to a dedicated section of the charity website and free one hour CPD element as well as professional development and training modules suitable for all members of the prac- tice team to ensure regular screening benefits practice patients. The Mouth Cancer Screen- ing Accreditation Scheme aims to improve outcomes for head and neck cancers in accordance with The British Dental Association’s occa- sional paper for the early de- tection and prevention of oral cancer and NICE guidelines. It offers a realistic approach for dentists who seek to adopt best practice in oral cavity ex- amination and opportunistic screening. The scheme embraces re- cent Care Quality Commis- sion, Information Governance and Clinical Governance re- quirements and necessitates the recommendation by the General Dental Council for continuous professional de- velopment for the manage- ment of oral cancer for dental professionals. The Mouth Cancer Screen- ing Accreditation Scheme is open to any dental practice whose clinicians are regis- tered with the GDC. For more information or to join please contact the Mouth Cancer Foundation via info@mouth- or call +44 (0) 1924 950 950 for more information. DT Mouth cancer screening accreditation scheme launches B iolux Research Ltd. saw two of its spon- sored research studies on photobiomodulation re- sults presented at the Inter- national Association of Dental Research/American Associa- tion of Dental Research Gen- eral Session and Exhibition in Seattle, March 20-23, 2013. These presentations included clinical evaluation of both ef- ficacy and safety of Biolux- patented Light Accelerated Orthodontics™ technology and devices. The first presentation is Photobiomodulation for Or- thodontic Tooth Movement. This study was a multicentre study including the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Mahidol University in Bang- kok, Thailand, and private practices in North America. The research evaluated the effect of the novel photobio- modulation device on the rate of tooth movement during the alignment phase of orthodon- tic treatment with fixed ap- pliances, and included upper and lower arches in 73 test subjects and 17 controls. The results, as measured by rate of change of Little’s Irregular- ity Index over the course of the alignment phase, showed a statistically significant 2.3- fold increase in tooth move- ment in the patients treated with photobiomodulation. The second presentation is Radiographic Analysis of Teeth after Photobiomodulation Therapy. This study evaluat- ed whether the use of photo- biomodulation in conjunction with fixed orthodontic appli- ances led to any significant change in root resoprtion, to address the concern that ac- celerating tooth movement with light treatment may lead to increased root resorption. Twenty patients were evalu- ated with cone beam com- puter tomography before and after orthodontic treatment, and no statistically signifi- cant findings were noted for root length change at the end of treatment compared to the start of treatment, for either anterior or posterior teeth. Also, no clinically significant changes between root lengths were noted above 0.5 mm. “We are very pleased to work with such great inves- tigators in evaluation of our Light Accelerated Orthodon- tics™ technology and prod- ucts, and are excited about the clinical research results presented at the IADR/AADR,” states Dr. Peter Brawn, found- er and chief scientific officer of Biolux Research Ltd. DT Studies support efficacy of light- accelerated tooth movement Clinical evaluations of fixed appliances