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I must admit I was tempted to put some dubious news in to honour the fact that April 1st is indeed April Fool’s Day. But I decided that I would give you a little quiz here instead. Story one: One of the first tasks that the new Pope Francis 1 had to do when elected was to call his dentist and cancel his up- coming appointment. Story two: Golfing star Justin Rose has fallen foul of US PGA golf chiefs after withdrawing from a tournament mid-round complaining of a painful wis- dom tooth. Story three: Dental Tribune’s Joe Aspis was the winner of the football quiz at a comic relief fundraiser hosted by a dental marketing company. Which isn’t right? Answers on an email please… Coming up this month is the BDA Conference and Exhibi- tion, to be held this year in Lon- don. This year will be a special one, not only will I not have to stay in a hotel as I live 30 min- utes from the venue, but this year the BDA has launched a new tiered membership, a huge reformation for the 130-year- old Association. There has already been much discussion about the move in forums and discus- sion groups around the profes- sion. For me, I think it is a great move and shows that the new structure of BDA management is really trying to change things to be more responsive to mod- ern dentists’ needs. I urge you to take a look at the new structure and make up your own mind. DT Do you have an opinion or some- thing to say on any Dental Tribune UK article? Or would you like to write your own opinion for our guest comment page? If so don’t hesitate to write to: The Editor, Dental Tribune UK Ltd, 4th Floor, Treasure House, 19-21 Hatton Garden, London, EC1 8BA Or email: Editorial comment United Kingdom Edition April 1-7, 2013 3News L uke Barnett Dental Laboratory is delighted to have become a Uni- ty Partner of the Bridge2Aid charity. A shocking statistic is that 70 per cent of the world’s population has no access to emergency dental care. If you were in agony, how would you cope? Luke explains, “I found that figure horrifying and tried to put myself in the po- sition of a person with excru- ciating toothache, knowing nothing could be done. That galvanised me into doing something about it.” By becoming a Unity Part- ner, Luke and his team are sponsoring the training of a Tanzanian Clinical Officer in Tanzania so that less people will have to face this night- mare in future. “I think that all successful businesses should give something back and help make a difference. In fact it has also helped in- spire my team and give us all a focus away from the bench”, Luke noted. If you and your dental practice would like to find out more about becoming a Unity Partner please visit http://www.bridge2aiduni- DT Luke Barnett be- comes Bridge2Aid Unity Partner