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29Industry NewsApril 1-7, 2013United Kingdom Edition Exciting New Products from GC UK at BDA 2013 GC are at the forefront of research and development and regularly release new products to benefit you. The latest addition to the GC range is everX Posterior. This fibre- reinforced composite is designed to be used as dentine replacement, in conjunction with a conventional composite such as G-ænial Posterior used as enamel replacement. The short fibres of GC everX Posterior will make it a perfect sub-structure to reinforce any composite restoration in large size cavities. Fibres will also prevent and stop crack propagation through the filling, which is considered to be the main cause of composite failures.Thanks to its unique properties, GC everX Posterior opens new possibilities for restorations of extensive cavities at chairside and is the answer to the growing demand for an economic restorative alternative for big size cavities. Advances in glass technology have resulted in the development of hand mixed GC Fuji IX GP EXTRA, a high strength glass ionomer cement with a new generation of glass filler, resulting in a restoration with very high translucency that changes little over time.The result is natural aesthetics never before achievable with conventional glass ionomer. Please visit stand F02 at the BDA Exhibition for a hands-on experience or for further information please contact GC UK on 01908 218 999. Honigum-MixStar Heavy Straumann’s & Brånemark’s material of choice DMG UK’s Honigum-MixStar Heavy has been selected by Brånemark & Straumann as their material of choice for implant impressions. At the Brånemark Centre they treat every type of implant case from simple single tooth to the most complex cases.They continuously evaluate every stage of treatment in ordertofindtheoptimalcombinationfromosseointegrationtooptimalprecision of the prosthetic reconstruction. Their conclusion is that Honigum-MixStar Heavy is the material of choice, best fulfilling the demands for precision and handling. Dr Nannmark says: “Honigum-MixStar Heavy ensures improvement and simplification of our prosthetic treatment. In our clinic, every patient is a lifelong commitment where we take full responsibility of follow up and long- term results.”Featuring DMG’s patented HonigumTechnology, Honigum-Mixstar Heavy contains a unique microcrystalline wax matrix. This rheologically active matrix combines with its unique “Directed Flow” characteristic to facilitate unprecedented flow even in problem areas. Together they offer the benefits of exceptional precision, exact margin reproduction, thixotropic non-dripping consistency, easy removal, distortion free storage, neutral taste and honey scent. Honigum-MixStar Heavy is designed for use in combination with DMG’s MixStar and MixStar-eMotion automatic mixing units, 3M ESPE’s Pentamix™ and other similar machines. For further information contact your local dental dealer or DMG Dental Products (UK) Ltd on 01656 789401, fax 01656 360100, email or visit Portugal wins the World Cup! Portugal triumphed in the recent Comic Relief ‘Mini World Cup’ Challenge, which was organised by Manan and has raised over £1,000, so far. In a bid to raise money for Red Nose Day, Manan Ltd, the UK’s only full service dental marketing agency, brought together some of the biggest names in dentistry for a table football tournament. The day was a huge success and saw Straumann, DPAS, Purple Media, FMC and Dental Tribune compete for the coveted“World Cup”at Manan’s offices in Haddenham, Buckinghamshire. ‘Team Portugal’: Quentin Skinner, DPAS Chairman, and Manan’s very own Matthew Fearn; and‘Team New Zealand’: Chris Greville and Richard McGowan, Product Managers from Straumann, beat off stiff competition to make it to the final round. It was close, but Portugal brought home the trophy in the final round, beating New Zealand 10-8. On the day, attendees also took part in other fundraising activities, including a football quiz, won by Dental Tribune’s Joe Aspis;“keepie uppies”; FIFA on Xbox; and the spinning bike challenge. All proceeds went directly to Comic Relief. However, it’s not too late, donations can still be made online via Luxurious Sophistication from Plandent Planmeca Sovereign from Plandent is the most sophisticated dental unit incorporating many revolutionary features. The streamlined profile of Planmeca Sovereign combines the latest technology with the very highest quality components, resulting in a major step forward in working productivity, patient comfort and durability. Quality is clearly evident in fit, finish and materials. Control of the chair, through a simple iTouch screen, and working access is exceptional due to the design of the motorised back and headrest combined with the wide range of positions. Patient access and comfort is enhanced by the integrated arm rests, advanced lumbar design and sculpted seat and back that securely supports the patient for comfort in all positions. The Planmeca Sovereign is the only dental unit on the market with a motorised chair swivel and motorised base unit. This unique combination provides a huge range of configurations to suit your individual working style. You can even switch from right to left handed in just 30 seconds at the press of a button. Available with state-of-the-art operatory configurations complete with advanced lighting, instrument packages and a comprehensive range of other components, the Planmeca Sovereign will luxuriously enhance your working practice. For further information please call Plandent on Freecall 0500 500 322. Instruments decontaminated to Best Practice standard in only 60 minutes with Prestige Medical! Dental practices can meet Best Practice requirements for instrument decontamination in as little as 60 minutes with this 3 step solution from Prestige Medical. The reduction in processing time results in significant cost and time savings at a time when practice incomes are being squeezed. Step One - Clean: The new UltraClean 3 Washer Disinfector features a 35 minute ‘Quick Cycle’ with validated cleaning results. Available in either bench top or under bench models, UltraClean 3 also features a glass viewing pane and illuminated chamber.Step Two - Lubricate: The new Optimax Hand Piece Lubrication System is fast and simple to use, lubricating up to three hand pieces in less than two minutes. Air activated, the Optimax automatically rotates the hand pieces, ensuring correct lubrication every time.Step Three – Sterilize: Optima B is the fastest B class vacuum autoclave on the market and can sterilize a full 6kg load in only 23 minutes including drying. Now also featuring a new hand piece cycle which can sterilize up to 12 hand pieces in only 15 minutes. As you would expect from Prestige Medical, all products are ‘plug and play, - supplied complete with all the accessories you need to get you started. More information is available from Prestige Medical direct by calling 01254 844 103 or email to or check out our new website: Design your new practice with Tavom UK Tavom UK has long been recognised as a leading international manufacturer of Dental, Veterinary and Medical cabinetry, and now all products can be viewed from the brand new website www.tavomuk. com. The experts at Tavom UK will help you plan your new practice layout, ensuring the design is tailored to your individual needs and requirements. Effective ergonomics, easy-to-clean designs and quality materials, allow for an efficient workflow, while meeting HTM 01-05 regulations and ensuring the safety of both your staff and patients. You are then able to choose which cabinetry style and colour you prefer from and extensive product range, with a full pdf catalogue available to download online. Tavom cabinetry is precision made and delivered to your door ready to be placed in position and levelled with adjustable feet. You can also expect first-class service throughout your entire experience with Tavom UK. To see how Tavom UK can transform your practice, please visit the brand new website, or call 0870 752 1121. SeeMore The new 900 Series LED light from Takara Belmont offers practitioners great flexibility, the system is available in either a unit, ceiling or track-mounted option. Onceyou’veworkedwithanLEDyou’reunliketogoback. Notonlydoesitilluminate the oral cavity with great clarity, but it also obviates the need for the portable light on your loupes which removes any shadow on your field of view, unlike portable lights,thatfrequentlythrowshadows.’The10shadow-lessbeamsemitexcellentlight colour, making it ideal for colour matching as well as reducing eye fatigue.The light can also be adjusted between 4,000 and 32,000 LUX to meet both individual needs and the lighting requirements in practices that may not have the luxury of natural daylight. As well as its flexibility, the LED operating light promises longevity, too, with a projected lifetime of an impressive 40,000 hours - or around 25 years for the average user. The light also emanates less heat and consumes less power, offering an estimated 80% power saving over a conventional bulb - so it’s environmentally friendly, too. Cross infection requirements are superbly met as well with the unit’s touchless sensor neatly turning the light on/off as well as allowing the user to switch to a composite cure mode setting so that you can work uninterrupted with composite-cure materials. As the 10 LED lights are encased in a one-piece cover, there’s no risk of dust or mist build-up and the unit is easily cleaned. Leaving the last word to one enthusiastic practitioner:‘More and more of us are utilising loupes to visualise our work and help diagnose disease but a good proportion of dentists are not using portable lights. By having an LED overhead light, you will avoid being trapped to a door handle because your battery pack cable, clipped to your waist, gets caught on the door handle.This happens many a time!’ Sirona receives“red dot”design award for SINIUS • SINIUS ranks among top 60 of over 4,500 design products • Sirona was presented with the award at the red dot gala • Patients notice the comfort and design of SINIUS • Enhanced range of indications The SINIUS treatment center from Sirona is one of the top 60 design objects of 2012. At the red dot gala in Essen (Germany) at the start of July, representatives of Sirona and the Puls Produktdesign design agency were honored with the“red dot trophy”of the prestigious design award for the Sirona product.Together with another 59 “best of the best,” SINIUS prevailed over more than 4,500 products, and now carries the seal of winner ‒ the red dot. Not only does the striking design and high comfort level of the treatment center attract the attention of experts: “We also receive feedback on SINIUS from our patients – I have not experienced this with any other treatment center. They notice that the patient chair is comfortable and comment on its modern appearance,” says Dr. Gunther Landskröner from Bensheim. SINIUS has unique functions and characteristics that allow the dentist to work efficiently and save time. Contact details for further information: Sirona Dental Systems 0845 071 5040 ImplaColor™ Titanium - ErgoLight Titanium Implant Instruments Our larger, lighter handles set the industry standard for comfort, control and tactile sensitivity, while reducing hand fatigue. ImplaColor™ Titanium’s medical grade GR1 titanium tips are individually hand crafted by our employees. Our titanium instruments retain their sharp edges longer than other instruments available on the market. Our titanium instruments are designed to remove calculus from implants without damaging the implant itself. These implant instruments will not scratch or damage titanium implants. All of our instruments undergo rigorous quality inspections upheld to all ISO 13485 standards, to provide you with the most precise and longest lasting instruments on the market today. This combination of working ends is designed to complete an entire Buccal or Lingual Sextant without changing instruments; therefore increasing effciency. More information is available from or direct by calling FREEPHONE: 0800 04 39 503 or e-mail to: Skema 6: Providing Solutions to all your Dentistry Needs AsoneofEurope’sleadingdentalequipment manufacturers, Castellini is renowned for producing some of the industry’s foremost products, including the highly regarded Skema 6 dental unit available from RPA Dental. The Skema 6 features a full colour TFT display, and is supplied as standard with an Inox 6 function syringe (heated), a Venus Plus operating light and a “Silent Power”Turbine Kit (4L) which is more than 50% quieter than a standard turbine.With over 75 years of experience in the industry, Castellini understands the varied needs of the different dental disciplines. As such the Skema 6 can be fully customised to meet the strict demands of any Implantologist or Endodontist. Options include: • Surgison ultrasonic surgical scaler • Leda LED powered curing light • LAEC Electronic apex locator • Autosteril disinfection system • MWB continuous feed water system • SHD suction hose disinfection system The Skema 6 is also available in Over Patient, Continental Style, or Hanging Tubing instrumentation layouts.With dedicated and extremely knowledgeable sales and technical staff just a phone call away, RPA Dental’s exceptional support team are on hand to advise you on any questions you may have. For more information, phone Castellini UK Ltd 08000 933975 for details of your local Castellini dealer. Castellini has service centres through out UK Every Day Excellence: Carestream Dental atThe Dentistry Show 2013 Carestream Dental showcased industry leading products and solutions at The Dentistry Show 2013 that enable any practice to achieve excellence every day. From 1st to 2nd March 2013 at the Birmingham NEC, the team demonstrated cutting-edge advances in digital imaging and practice management software. Delegates were impressed with products’ superior quality, ease of use and smooth integration into the practice, as well as with Carestream Dental’s eXceed programme, which focuses on quality throughout the business. New launches included the CS 8100 digital panoramic OPG unit, which takes precision images in seconds, and AutoPost, an offsite service that allows practices to organise paper correspondence to patients quickly and cost-effectively. Delegates were also keen to find out about the CS R4 Clinical+ practice management software and how it operates as the hub of the practice. Carestream Dental sponsored Dr Colin Campbell’s popular talk ‘Diagnosing and Presenting Implant Cases in the 21st Century’ at the ADI Implant Theatre. Attendees discovered how digital imaging systems enhance and simplify patient education and description of treatment plans. Inovations from Carestream Dental give practices the edge for safety and productivity and ensure patients receive first class treatment. For more information on CS 8100, AutoPost, CS R4 Clinical+ or eXceed, contact Carestream Dental on 0800 169 9692 or visit The ideal introduction to occlusion Occlusion in Everyday Practice, organised by BSOS and presented by Dr Laurence Murray), provides the ideal introduction to the principles of occlusion and how they affect restorative, periodontal and orthodontic treatments. Practitioners will also be able to develop their understanding and management of headache cases. In addition, the seminar includes TMJ anatomy and function and the use of appliances. Faculty- and university-approved, worth 7 verifiable CPD hours and costing just £250 per delegate, this course is also recommended for dental technicians. Locations and dates for 2013 are as follows: • Worcester | Friday 15 March • Belfast | Friday 19 April • Glasgow | Friday 10 May • Wigan | Friday 7 June. The complementary Hands-on Occlusion Practical, limited to 12 delegates at each venue and costing only £400, will take place the following day.The hands- on course will include: • Facebow registration and mounting of an upper model • Centric relation manipulation • Construction of an anterior jig • Use of a Leaf Gauge and centric relation records to mount a lower model • Construction of a lower stabilisation splint on the mounted models • Delivery of the stabilisation splint to the patient. With places awarded on a first come, first served basis, do not delay in booking your spot. For further details, please email