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27DCPsApril 1-7, 2013United Kingdom Edition Call us on +44 (0)151 342 0410 Advanced Dental Education The Dawson Academy UK | Hilltop Court | Thornton Common Road | Thornton Hough | Wirral | CH63 4JT | UK +44 (0)151 342 0410 “I have developed a comprehensive system for each phase of dentistry and gained a new level of confidence in treating patients. Ian has given me the tools I need to be profitable, successful, happy in my work, which allows me to enjoy dentistry, my patients, my staff and my family.” Selar Francis Sofia Bulgaria “After20years,everythingfinallymakessense,and Ihaveasystematicapproachthatwillallowmeto solvejustaboutanydentalproblemIamfacedwith.” Steve Lomas CheshireIan Buckle (BDS) For further information on new courses, basic Core Curriculum of learning and team events, please contact: NEW COURSES FOR 2013 Full Mouth Rehabilitation: Over the Shoulder Live! Who: Dr. Ian Buckle | When: 21st-22nd June 2013 Where: Dawson Academy UK, Wirral Time: Fri 9am-5.30pm, Sat 9am-4.00pm | CPD: 14hrs Cost: £795+vat Live patient over the shoulder and hands on treatment planning Topics covered: > The records required for full mouth rehabilitation > The treatment planning process > Preparation Design > Exquisite provisional restorations > Placing and finishing the case On day one Dr. Buckle will place the lower anterior restorations. Delegates will be able to treatment plan the case according to Dawson principles before Dr Buckle unveils his approach. On day two you will watch live as he prepares the upper arch, takes all the necessary records and temporises the case showing you how to check the function and aesthetics. He will also demonstrate how to best communicate with the Lab to provide predictable definitive restorations. Core CurriculumCourse Description For Core Curriculum special offers of up to 40% off please visit D r Steven Miller, Associate Faculty of the Dawson Academy and Past Presi- dent of The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry provides reliable techniques on how to provide Easy and Accurate Pro- visional Restorations Whether the treatment plan is a few single restorations or a full mouth reha- bilitation, the first step is always a Comprehensive Examination! Provisional restorations play a far more important role than just a transitional role while the labora- tory fabricates the definitive resto- ration. Of course they function to protect the dentin and pulp from thermal, chemical, mechanical and bacterial damage, but there is much more. They are adjusted for ideal aesthetics,phoneticsandfunction. Provisional restorations provide the dentist, patient and dental lab- oratory with “in vivo” information, as the patient test drives the resto- ration. Especially when changing aesthetics and function, feedback is obtained regarding contour, shape, incisal edge position, over- all aesthetics and function. When dealing with periodontal proce- dures, such as grafting, crown lengthening and implants, they serve as a great healing evalu- ation tool. Accurate records in- cluding photographs and mount- ed models of patient approved temporaries provide the labora- tory with a functional prescrip- tion for the definitive restorations. Whether the treatment plan is a few single restorations or a full mouth rehabilitation, the first step is always a comprehensive exami- nation. Once we have confirmed stable dental health, the treatment planning process can proceed. There are two patient scenari- os that I will describe. Patient one: Stable function, no aesthetic wants and minor re- storative needs, such as a quad- rant or less My dental assistant takes a PVS quadrant impression in a triple tray, which is evaluated for voids in hard and soft tissue. After the preparation(s) and first retrac- tion cord, the triple tray is filled with a Bis-acryl material, such as Structur or Pro-temp. The mate- rial sets in 90 seconds and is then placed in room temperature wa- ter for a minute. The temporary can be trimmed with the Dawson provisional kit, while the final impression is being taken. This technique provides an accurate temporary with well-fitting mar- gins and biological contours. Patient two: Aesthetic and func- tional issues and has many more challenges The examination process now includes mounted models with a centric bite and the Dawson pho- tographic series. The accuracy of these records incorporating all teeth, gingival and vestibular ar- eas is of paramount importance. The age old adage of garbage-in, garbage- out applies, so make sure to do a thorough examina- tion and take accurate records. The next step is quiet thinking time and utilising the functional- aesthetic analysis checklist. This checklist creates a problem list that includes the biological, struc- tural, functional, and aesthetic components of a smile. It helps create a vision with the end in mind. That vision is then translat- ed into the 3D architectural plan, the wax-up. The wax-up that in- corporates the findings from the FE checklist is one of the most important steps for consistent pre- dictable success. Prior to the appointment, my dental assistants fabricate from the wax-up the Siltec Putty ma- trix that has been relined with a light bodied PVS, and place it on the articulator to register the op- posing arch to guide the matrix accurately. We also make a Mini- Star vacuum formed clear matrix on a solid model of the wax-up. This clear matrix acts as a guide to visualise clearance and also can be used as a provisional matrix. After the preparations are completed, we utilise either the Bis-acryl lock-on or the Bis-acryl remove and contour technique to fabricate the provisionals. After the margins and gingival embra- sures have been developed, the 10 step provisional adjustment guide developed by Dr. Dawson is uti- lised in the mouth. Phonetics, in- cisal length, centric stops, anterior guidance and long centric are all developed. The patient is re-appointed with-in a week for refinement, verification and after approval, records. These records include mounted models of the approved provisionals and the Dawson pho- tographic series. Matrices and a custom incisal guide table are fab- ricated by the lab to communicate all the information. The defini- tive restorations are then created without guesswork. This technique provides reli- able, predictable and accurate provisionals that allow restorative dentistry to be less stressful and fun. Provisional restorations play a far more important role. DT Easy and Accurate Provisional Restorations Steven Miller provides practical tips to ensure success with provisional restorations The Dawson Academy UK are presenting at BDA, Clinical Innovations Conference and Dentistry Live Ian Buckle will be speaking at the UK’s largest and most prestigious dental events:- The British Dental Conference & Exhibition, Thursday April 25- 27, The Clinical Innova- tions Conference 17 & 18 May & Dentistry Live June 7 2013. Managing the Worn Denti- tion In Practice from Simple Composite to Exquisite Porce- lain 1 Day Lecture, July 12th - London Cost: £195 + VAT Early Bird Offer - Discount- ed rate £117 + VAT = £140.40 if register before end of April 2013 Presented by Dr Ian Buckle at Henry Schein Europe, Mar- ble Arch Our patient’s dental needs are changing. A comprehen- sive assessment and careful analysis of the records we col- lect will allow us to make a great diagnosis which in turn helps us to design a compre- hensive treatment plan. If you have any questions please email info@bdseminars. com or call +44(0)151 342 0410 anytime. *Enter our competition at Clinical Innovations Conference and win a free place for Full Mouth Rehabilitation: Over the Shoulder Live! 21-22 June 2013 * Sign up on the day at CIC to receive 40% discount for Managing the Worn Dentition In Practice from Simple Composite to Exquisite Porcelain, Marble Arch, London 1 Day lecture, 12 July 2013