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25FeatureApril 1-7, 2013United Kingdom Edition Z anzibar ( “The Spice Is- land”) 40 Km off the coast of Tanzania, East Africa conjures up so many exotic im- ages: white sandy beaches, warm turquoise seas, beautiful, old world Arab architecture, a mysti- cal, long forgotten place, unspoilt, because time really stood still … It is all that…but there is an- other side to Zanzibar, which brings a special kind of visitor… Dr Ru MacDonagh, a Consultant Urologist from Taunton, Dr Jon Rees, my doctor at Nailsea, Bristol; amongst several other medical professionals, who have a strong, innate desire to help others less fortunate than ourselves. These doctors have been in- strumental in setting up “HIP Z” (Health Improvement Project, ZANZIBAR), a British Charity in a joint venture agreement with the Ministry of Health, Zanzibar. The singer Peter Andre is also now involved with HIP Z, helping to raise awareness of the lack of medical facilities and extremely low life expectancy on Zanzibar. See: tvshowbiz/article-2098246/Peter- Andre-visits-Zanzibar-mission- help-bring-better-healthcare-is- land.html Development Over the past few years HIP Z has grown to encompass organisation and management of two char- ity hospitals, which offer essential very low cost treatments for up to 250,000 of the islanders, who would otherwise be unable to af- ford surgical, maternity or other even basic primary health care. Retired Brighton based den- tist Dr Feroz Jafferji, originally from Zanzibar, returned to the Island three years ago and linked up with old classmates to set up “OZ”, Outreach Zanzibar. http:// Joined forces OZ has now combined forces with “HIP Z” to try and organise at least two new fully functioning dental clinics, based in both of the hos- pital locations in Zanzibar, to offer so many people a chance to have simple restorative dentistry, who would otherwise have no access to any dentistry, except perhaps the most basic form of pain relief. This is a really ambitious plan, one which I would like to assist and enable, as a UK-based den- tist with East African origins and many fond childhood memories. Appeal for any redundant / use- ful dental items May I appeal to all my dental col- leagues, wherever you are, to do- nate in kind, any redundant den- tal items which may be surplus to your needs, be it small or large items of equipment, hand instru- ments, or all kinds of consuma- bles (in date or even slightly out of date). From previous experience when I appealed on behalf of “DENTAL HELP AFRICA” many years ago, we were overwhelmed with almost 600 parcels arriving from all over the UK, over two years! We hope to better that this time, and also request most of you, who are generously donating whatever you feel has some use, to be kind enough and use your own packaging and postage in sending items to this worthwhile cause. We do have “a man and a van” available, so are able to collect certain essential large equipment by mutual agreement, if you feel your items have some useful life and could contribute to “HIP ZAN- ZIBAR“whosedetailedwishlistfor the Makunduchi & Kivunge Hos- pital Dental Clinics, Zanzibar (we need at least two of each item): 1Complete Treatment centres (chair, spittoon, light and drill de- livery system) something robust yet simple to maintain 2Tridac / Cattani mobile aspi- rators 3Cavitron scalers 4Restorative hand instruments of all kinds: flat plastics, ball end- ed burnishers, amalgam packers, composite instruments, tweezers, sequel and bands, LA syringes etc. Essentially a gamut of instru- ments to make a fully functional restorative centre. 5Intra Oral X Rays and small X Ray developers (55 kVP upwards is acceptable) 6Light curing units 7Capsule mixers and amalga- mators 8 Autoclaves e.g. LS MK 1 and SES 2000 9High speed turbines and con- tra angle handpieces 10 Surgeons’ and nurses’ stools 11Oiled or oil free com- pressors 12 Consumable materials of all kinds; linings, restorative (filling) and impression materials, surgical sutures, dressings, gauze, root canal items, local anaesthet- ics items 13Anything else dental that may be useful! NB: even slightly out of date stuff will be gratefully received and put to good use. Sincere thanks in advance to all offers of help. I will post more pictures in due course of both clin- ics.Ofcoursevolunteerswhowish to donate their time and skills are always welcome to apply. DT Dental appeal for “HIP Z” Zanzibar Ike Fazal calls for help with a charitable cause... ‘This is a really ambitious plan, one which I would like to assist and en- able, as a UK-based dentist with East African origins and many fond child- hood memories’ Contact info Donation page: http://www.hipz. UK registered charity no. 1115604