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Dental Tribune U.S. Edition

A9Dental Tribune U.S. Edition | March 2013 CLINICALINDUSTRY NEWS Expert Dental CE: New name with the same expert courses Among latest additions to course lineup: 'Smile Design for Anterior Esthetics and Laminate Veneer Preparations' All would agree that Expert Dental CE ( is easier to say and remember than the mouth- ful: xpAPce. “While we liked the no- tion that xpAPce was not pronounce- able,” says xpAPce Co-Founder Alan A. Winter, “and people did remember that it was something like *&#@?%, they could never quite get it right. We were lucky enough to get the domain name that reflects our original name and mis- sion, so from now on, we will function under Expert Dental CE while retain- ing the original corporate name that no one needs to say.” Additional upcoming courses will soon be available in oral pathology with Dr. Jon Svirsky, oral medicine with Dr. Jeff Burgess, prosthetics with Dr. Charles Goodacre and Dr. Bruce Valu- ari, periodontics and implant surgery with Dr. Federico Brugnami. Drs. Peter Cathro and Geoffrey Heithersay will provide courses on instrumentation Reflecting a new name, www. points to www.xpapce. com. Find C.E. courses, new products, expert speakers such as Dr. Graz Giglio, above, and a community of dental professionals. Photos/ Provided by xpAPce and treating resorptions — additions to xpAPce’s comprehensive endodontic module. xpAPce’s new price schedule and an- nual subscription makes courses more attractive than ever. Smile-design course added Another highlight: Dr. Graz Giglio, president of the N.Y. Academy of Prosth- odontists, delivers two programs on “Smile Design for Anterior Esthetics and Laminate Veneer Preparations.” The eLearning takes place in a unique format: an online dental community. Dental professionals can earn C.E. cred- it, visit vendors at their leisure, view new products, download PDFs, contact a sales rep, attend a meeting and more. Visit the Education and Vendor Hall for a list of scholars and courses — and to see the vendors that have booths in- side the community. For information about becoming a vendor, contact For a snapshot of both of the organiza- tion's websites, visit www.xpsquared. com, where all courses and vendors are listed. Courses also are available live and on demand on the Dental Tribune Study Club website, (Source: xpAPce) Dr. Graz Giglio service provider to trusted advisor — it’s this latter role that helps patients make the decision to invest in their oral health and enrich their lives. Referral acceleration Patient referrals are, for many practices, one of the most important new patient drivers. In a recent Sesame survey, an astounding 41.4 percent of patient refer- rals from surveyed practices came from friends and family members The continued success of your prac- tice requires happy patients who refer their friends and family. While the first step is to encourage patients to tell their friends and family, one of the best ways to drive more referrals is to make the process easier and more consistent for your patients through their online por- tal. Social media outlets also serve as a platform to encourage referrals. They provide a window to express their sat- isfaction, recommend the practice to their online “friends” and complete the patient acquisition circle. The benefits of implementing an on- line automated patient communications system include improved practice effi- ciency, effectiveness, quality of patient experience, and ultimately practice pro- duction, collections and profitability. These benefits drive the key outcomes that define a successful patient engage- ment strategy. Automation delivers more consistent patient compliance and a more predictable schedule and pro- duction for the practice. And patients prefer it: 74 percent of patients said having anytime online access to infor- mation makes them more likely to stay with a practice. Sesame Communications provides a complete digital solution that works across all four key outcomes and posi- tions your dental practice for sustained growth and success. Sesame has created the only cloud-based platform that ad- dresses all areas of patient relationship management. By creating this online “ecosystem” your practice will attract and retain more patients, drive higher treatment plan adoption and reduce the instance of no-show appointments. Learn more at the Hinman Dental Meeting by stopping by booth No. 1646. (Source: Sesame Communications) “ ECOSYSTEM, page A8 Universal composite is free of ‘aggravating techniques’ Dentsply Caulk has introduced TPH Spectra™ Universal Composite, which according to the company provides cli- nicians with their preferred composite handling — without the “aggravating DENTSPLY Caulk says TPH Spectra doesn't require the 'techniques' typically needed to overcome handling obstacles Hinman BOOTH nO. 1227 techniques” required to overcome han- dling obstacles associated with many composites. Whether practitioners prefer spread- able or packable handling, Dentsply Caulk reports that TPH Spectra has handling preference covered with TPH Spectra LV (Low Viscosity) and HV (High Viscosity). The new shading system for TPH Spectra provides seven VITA-based shades that cover the entire VITA shade system. This reduction in shades allows prac- tices to carry fewer inventories in the office and enables practitioners to be confident that the chameleon shading ability of the composite will blend the material into the surrounding tooth structure, making the restoration in- distinguishable from the tooth, ac- cording to the company. To learn more about new TPH Spec- tra, visit or con- tact (800) 532-2855. (Source: Dentsply Caulk) Just-released TPH Spectra Universal Composite comes in seven VITA-based shades in either LV (Low Viscosity) or HV (High Viscosity). Photo/Provided by Dentsply Caulk