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Dental Tribune U.S. Edition

Dental Tribune U.S. Edition | February 2012 XXXXXXX ” See EMERGENCY page A4 A4 Ad Dental Tribune U.S. Edition | February 2013 Dentists complete hands-on implants training in Jamaica The American Academy of Implant Prosthodontics (AAIP) joined with its af- filiates, Atlantic Dental Implant Seminars (ADIS) and the Linkow Implant Institute, to present a five-day comprehensive im- plant training course in Kingston, Jamai- ca, from Jan. 13–17. The course included lectures, surgi- cal and prosthodontic demonstrations, hands-on participation on cadavers and anatomic manikins, diagnosis and treat- ment planning of implant cases, the con- struction of surgical templates, diagnostic wax-ups, the insertion of implants by each participant and sinus lifts under supervi- sion of the course faculty. The six participating dentists inserted 45 implants, performed five sinus lifts, completed four guided bone-regenera- tion procedures with immediate implant placements, and made multiple impres- sions of various implant situations with a variety of impression materials and techniques. Patients were provided by the Jamaican Ministry of Health and the University of Technology, School of Dental Sciences, Jamaica. Course participants were from Illinois, Jamaica, New Jersey and Texas. Upon com- pletion of the one-week comprehensive implant training program, participating clinicians are able to accomplish the fol- lowing tasks: identify cases suitable for dental implants; diagnose and treatment plan for preservation and restoration of edentulous and partially edentulous arch- es; demonstrate competency in the place- ment of single-tooth implants, soft-tissue management, and bone augmentation; obtain an ideal implant occlusion; work as part of an implant team with other pro- fessionals; and incorporate implant treat- ment into private practice with quality re- sults, cost effectiveness, and profitability. Worth 35 C.E. credits A dental degree was required for all par- ticipants. The course is tax deductible and 35 hours of dental continuing education credits was awarded on course comple- tion. Patient treatment is provided in a Jamaican dental school with personal- ized training in small-group settings. The course is a cooperative effort of the Jamai- can Ministry of Health, the University of Technology, School of Dental Sciences, Ja- maica and the American Academy of Im- plant Prosthodontics. Dr. Mike Shulman is course coordinator, Dr. Leonard I. Linkow is course director, and Dr. Sheldon Winkler is course advisor. Course faculty, in addition to Drs. Shul- man, Linkow, and Winkler, include Drs. Robert Braun, Ira L. Eisenstein, E. Richard Hughes, Charles S. Mandell, Harold F. Mor- ris, Peter A. Neff, Robert Russo and Robert E. Weiner. Implants and components for AAIP/ ADIS implant seminars are provided by HIOSSEN Dental Implants. Dental labora- tory support is provided by DCA Labora- tory, Citrus Heights, Calif., Dani Dental Studio, Tempe, Ariz., and Dutton Dental Concepts, Bolivar, Ohio. The next AAIP/ADIS implant seminar in Jamaica is scheduled for Sept. 26–30. Com- plete information can be obtained from the course website at www.adiseminars. com, or by calling (201) 788-7663. 30th Annual AAIP meeting The AAIP held its 30th annual meeting on Saturday, Nov. 3, in Carefree, Ariz., at the Next five-day AAIP/ADIS course is Sept. 26–30 Dr. Mike Shulman demonstrates an implant procedure to dentists at the AAIP/ADIS implant seminar. Photos/Provided by AAIP CLINICALMEETINGS