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Dental Tribune U.S. Edition

INDUSTRY NEWS Latest from i-CAT: The i-CAT FLX The i-CAT® booth at the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting will be buzzing with excitement with launch of the new i-CAT FLX. The cone-beam 3-D unit brings even more flexibility to Imaging Sciences’ family of 3-D imaging products to help clinicians scan, plan and treat with confi- dence. Born of i-CAT excellence, the i-CAT FLX gives dentists information that helps them provide better dental care for their patients. Companyrepresentativesnotethati-CAT scans already offer greater confidence and control for individualizing treatment to a specific patient’s needs; and the high-reso- lution, volumetric images enable thorough analysis of bone structure and tooth orien- tation. Treatment tools exclusive to i-CAT streamline workflow, allowing for smooth movement from scan to plan to treatment. Control over radiation dose is an impor- tant factor in the decision to add a cone- beam 3-D scanner to the practice. The all-new i-CAT FLX offers 3-D imaging at a lower radiation dose than a panoramic X-ray, with the all-new QuickScan+. This, combined with clear 2-D and 3-D images produced by Visual iQuity image technol- ogy, offer the optimal balance between im- age quality and patient safety. Add that to rapid reconstruction rates, and in less than 30 seconds, patient and practitioner can be in consultation-planning mode. Optional i-PAN also offers traditional 2-D panoramic and cephalometric images. And, for a guided acquisition workflow, SmartScan STUDIO has an easy-to-follow, touchscreen user interface. This customiz- able solution offers step-by-step guidance, allowing clinicians to select the appropri- ate scan for the individual patient at the lowest acceptable radiation dose. i-Collimator electronically adjusts the field-of-view to limit radiation only to the area of scanning interest. In addition, the Ergonomic Stability System (ESS) offers easy patient positioning. The ESS includes seated positioning, robust head stability, and adjustable seating controls to mini- mize patient movement. This reduces the needforretakes,aswellasprovidingwheel- chair accessibility. Of course, the i-CAT FLX also includes Tx STUDIO™, the advanced 3-D software designed exclusively for i-CAT. Tx STUDIO is beneficial from beginning to the end of treatment across a gamut of specialties, from diagnostics to implant and orth- odontic treatment planning. In addition to facilitating communication with other cli- nicians, i-CAT scans help dentists educate patientsabouttheirdentalconditions,thus improving case acceptance. Tx STUDIO software delivers confident planning of implants, airway, TMD, ortho- dontics and many surgical procedures. • For implants, the restoration design fea- ture enables the clinician to plan the entire treatment, from surgical placement of the implant through final restoration — right at the beginning of the process. Virtually placing single or multiple implants from an extensive implant library takes the guesswork out of planning. The new i-CAT FLX cone-beam 3-D unit brings even more flexibility to Imaging Sciences’ family of 3-D imaging products. Treatment tools exclusive to i-CAT streamline workflow, enabling smooth movement from scan to plan to treatment. Photo/Provided by Imaging Sciences International • For orthodontists, Tx STUDIO has an optional 3-D cephalometric analysis pack- agethatallowsforthecreationofcephtrac- ings with greater accuracy and in less time thanwithtraditional2-Dcephtracings.The face-MATCH™ photo-wrapping feature al- lows easy and immediate wrapping of a facial photo taken with a standard digital camera onto the 3-D volume to visualize treatment impact on soft tissue and facial 3-D scans customized to need, at low radiation dose Ad ” i-CAT, page A18 Dental Tribune U.S. Edition | February 2013 A17 ChiCago BooTh No. 1200