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Dental Tribune United Kingdom Edition

References 1 Radlansky R. (1991) Morphology of interdentally stripped enamel one year after treatment. J Clin Ortho 23 (11) 748-750, 1991. 2.El-Mangoury N, et al. In vitro remin- eralization after air-rotor stripping. J Clin Ortho 25 (2): 75-78, 1991:a March 26-April 1, 2012United Kingdom EditionClinical24 prior to treatment commenc- ing, stressing our focus on the anterior teeth only. However quite often in cases such as these, it is important to remember that what we see as potential aesthetic compromis- es are something patients are not concerned about as their main focus tends to be on the anterior six teeth. In this case the patient was indeed more than satisfied with the outcome when the arch was rounded out giving the anterior six teeth a more ideal symmetry and pro- portion. As is common with many of our short term orthodontic cases, further, simple cosmetic treatments will serve to en- hance the above appearance. Post orthodontic cosmetic treatment Unlike the situation with chil- dren, in the majority of adult patients, we find that immedi- ately following a course of short- term orthodontic treatment there will invariably be some degree of differential tooth wear or unaesthetic “black- triangle” formation which may necessitate further cos- metic treatments. This is usu- ally very simply dealt with by composite bonding with or without prior tooth whitening, but the patient must be warned of the potential for further cos- metic work at the outset. In the case of patient CR it is very noticeable that the incisal edges are uneven and there is a “black triangle” between the central incisors. With “black triangles” it is not uncommon for papillary growth in this re- gion to continue for some peri- od so it may be advisable to wait and see how much regrowth takes place prior to further cos- metic work. Conclusion Although I feel it is still some- what in its pioneering stages, there is no escaping the fact that short term orthodontics is here to stay. We have to be able to offer this option to our patients as part of informed consent when undertaking any cosmetic procedure that would otherwise lead to sig- nificant tooth surface loss to achieve the desired cosmetic result. There needs to be contin- ued education and discussion to demystify some of the myths and scaremongering regarding occlusion and short term ortho- dontics, and we need to be able to have an educated discussion with our patients regarding this as an option for treatment. We also still need to treat conven- tional orthodontics with re- spect and work within very de- fined parameters in delivering this very cosmetically focussed treatment option. However, echoing my earli- er sentiments, this type of cos- metic treatment encompasses everything thing that good cosmetic treatment should do, and with the right training, we should all be capable of provid- ing this treatment in one form or another to our patients. DT page 25DTß About the author Dr Krishnan qual- ified from Dundee University in 1993 and following sev- eral years in gen- eral practice com- pleted a clinical attachment in Oral Surgery in 1999. In 2002, he set up DRAKE Dental Care and then Lubiju in 2008 to focus on bringing to Scot- land and developing advanced re- storative, surgical and cosmetic pro- cedures. Lubiju has received much praise since its launch and was re- cently Highly Commended as Best Specialist Practice in Scotland and voted Best Private Practice in East Scotland. Dr Krishnan was also recog- nised as one of Scotland’s outstanding dentists in the most recent Dentistry Awards. Dr Krishnan lectures nation- ally and internationally primarily on short-term adult orthodontics, in which he has pioneered new concepts using the C-FAST Adult Brace System which he personally developed. For additional information please contact Dr Krishnan by email on or visit cfast- Fig 8 - CR008 Fig 9 - CR009 Fig 10 - CR010 Fig 11 - CR011 Fig 12 - CR012 Fig 13 - CR013 Fig 14 - CR014 ‘This type of cosmetic treatment encom- passes everything thing that good cosmetic treatment should do’