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Dental Tribune United Kingdom Edition

15Event ReviewMarch 26-April 1, 2012United Kingdom Edition MediMatch Media Solutions MediMatch Dental Laboratory, Unit A, Orion Business Park, West Ealing, London, W13 9SJ, (+44) 08 444 993 888 Dental Web Design Bespoke Web Development Search Engine Optimization from £50/month &Dental Web Design Development MediMatch Media Solutions presented her lecture “Patient care in practice, realising your potential”. In essence, Mabel’s talk was all about the importance of getting to know yourself better so you can make the best use of your skills. She dis- cussed how an important part of the self-reflection process is to take stock of your skills and work out where your strengths lay, and concluded by demon- strating that once you find your own “niche” in life, you will truly be able to maximise your potential. Among the many work- shops held at this year’s Den- tistry Show, one of particular note was Dental Protection’s Annual Press Meeting. The first speaker at the meeting was senior dento-legal advisor Sue Boynton, who gave a brief but informative summary of affairs within the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Dental Protection’s com- munications manager David Croser then gave a lecture on the Department of Health Con- sultation on the Management of HIV Infected Healthcare Workers, which closed on the 9th of March 2012. This legis- lation was considered by many to be discriminatory against those with HIV given advances in medical treatments. Following this, senior den- to-legal advisor Stephen Hen- derson provided delegates with a General Dental Council update. Upcoming changes in- cluded a reorganisation of the committee structure to include a Policy Advisory Committee, as well as reviewing its guid- ance documents and address- ing concerns regarding its handling of Fitness To Practice cases. With dental protection a hot topic of conversation, the launch of Smile-on’s On the Re- cord, was a welcomed addition to the show. The programme, which is the latest collaboration between Smile-on and Dental Protection, is a CPD resource that educates the whole dental team on how to take clear and relevant records. After a fantastic breakfast, attendees were welcomed by executive chairman of Smile- on Noam Tamir, who took the opportunity to thank the many partners that the company had worked with over the years and discussed the different opportunities for Smile-on’s customers from Core CPD to a part-time MSc in Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry. During the presentation, communications officer for Dental Protection, David Cros- er, highlighted the importance of good record keeping, citing examples of where dental pro- fessionals had been made the centre of a complaint that had been incontestable because the records were incomplete. He warned that if current GDC plans about streamlin- ing the Fitness to Practise pro- cedures go ahead, it will see something like 1,300 patient records a year being requested by the GDC to decide the valid- ity of a case – and wouldn’t you rather your records told the whole story? Overall, the Dentistry Show was an interesting balance be- tween a conference and an ex- hibition. With more than 300 leading suppliers, 50 world- class accredited conference sessions and The Live Thea- tre, (which was once again an- other spectacular programme of clinical procedures ranging from implant surgery, compos- ites, six month smile system, and veneers), delegates re- ally did have an action packed two days! It would seem without a doubt that the Dentist- ry Show is an ideal model for those seeking CPD and the latest gadgets and we’re al- ready looking forward to the 2013 event! DT • On the Record is available from Smile-on – visit www. earning/detail/view/produc- tId/3 for more information. ‘The Dentistry Show was an interesting balance between a conference and an exhibition’