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Dental Tribune United Kingdom Edition

March 26-April 1, 201210Practice Management United Kingdom Edition Easy, Successful and Affordable Made in Germany incl. online-shop & about 120 videos (instructions & implantations) Several clinical cases online! Champions-Implants GmbH Tel.: +49 67 34 / 91 40 80 · Fax: +49 67 34 / 10 53 Recommended by VIP-ZM association of innovative-practicing dentists Champions® Implant System (R)Evolution in Implantology and Prosthodontics: MIMI® Method (Minimally Invasive Method of Implantation) Dr. Armin Nedjat said, "I have developed the Champions® implant system, a reliable and innovative implant system that can be routinely used in the day-to-day work of dental offices. More than 2 800 dental offices and clinics are‘Champions’, and they performed more than 50 000 implantations last year. Do you want to be a new 'Champion' too?" Advantages • Suitable for MIMI® – Win-Win situation for patients and dentists • Patient friendly • More efficient procedure for the dentist • Champions® implants: a wide range of innovative implants and accessories, which can be used for many indications • High quality at affordable prices • Excellent primary stability • Optimal immediate loading • Excellent prosthodontic restorations • Innovative solution and successful treatment • Made in Germany with great precision and of the highest quality materials • Free MIMI® marketing • Free forum for all Champions® customers • Champions®-surface – rated one of the best (studies on demand) Fanny Rougnon-Glasson Tel. +49 151 / 15 25 57 18 Dr. Armin Nedjat Developer of the Champions system / CEO Tel. + 49 151 / 15 25 36 92 OuR OFFER FOR YOu The Champions® can be fully integrated into the treatment services offered in regular dental offices. You can smile again! We have a special offer for you: the Surgery Kit for one-piece and two-piece Champions® implants for € 500 instead of € 700! OFFER FOR New CuStOmERS • If a turnover of at least 50 implants is reached within 6 months, the surgical kit will be your property.. • You can choose 20 implants, which you can keep for two months. You will only have to pay the used implants. Should you require further information, you can contact our Service team. You can also go to our Web site to find our offer for new customers and also further information at: € 74+VAT Prep-Cap not included € 59+VAT Gingiva-Shuttle included One-Piece Implants Champions®-Square-Shaped Implants Ø 3.0 · 3.5* · 4.5 · 5.5 Thread lengths 6 · 8 · 10 · 12 … 24 mm * Also available in "Classic" Zircon Prep-Caps 59 € WIN! &Titanium Prep-Caps 35 € Champions®-tulips Ø 2.5 · 3.0 · 4.0 Thread lengths 8 · 10 · 12 · 14 … 24 mm Suitable for MIMI® Minimally Invasive Implantation Method & 510(k) registered FDA (USA) Ø 3.5 4.0 4.5 5.5 Thread lengths: 6.5 · 8 · 10 · 12 · 14 · 16 two-Piece Implants  Free loan of the surgical kit  Inner cone with integrated“Hexadapter”  Micro-close connection < 0.6 μm  Price VAt included: Healing Cap (with implant) 0 € Customizable and glueable titanium abutment 23 € Implant Analog Set 23 € Impression Coping 10 € Courses about the minimally invasive implantation method (MIMI® ) and the Champions® implant system Continuing education in mallorca The course starts on Wednesday at 2:00 P.M. and ends on Saturday afternoon ❏ June 13 – June 16, 2012 Course content Theory: Presentation of the Champions® implant system and the MIMI® method · Practice: Live surgeries with one-piece and two-piece Champions® implants. The course includes 5 nights in a double-room, breakfast included, transfer to the dental office, day rate, lunch, coffee break, 2 dinners, course script, A3 Certificate, incl. for accompanying person. Course fee € 3 200 (VAT excluded) Course participants: minimum 3, maximum 10 Please arrange your flight schedule. For transfers, please give us your flight arrival time. the courses will be presented in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and dentists will be able to incorporate Implantology as an additional treatment in their dental office. The courses will be taught by Dr. Armin Nedjat, an experienced Dental Implantology specialist. He has placed and restored more than 20 000 implants. Medilas Opal diode laser 980 by Dornier medtech 4 999 € + VAT from Discount Save € 200 CI Dental Tribune UK-297 x 420.indd 1 27.02.12 13:59 O ne of the biggest chal- lenges to any clinician and business owner is the blending of individuals to make a team. In reality; • Does your team fail to keep their motivation? • Do you recruit people then find they aren’t quite what you thought? • Are you beset with problems retaining staff? • Do have difficulties integrat- ing the individuals into a team? • Is your hygienist outside the wire? • Do your associates fail to embrace your vision for the fu- ture? If so, there could be a solu- tion, The KOLBE Wisdom™ Identi- fies the striving instincts that drive natural behaviours fo- cuses on the strengths of your team The KOLBE A Index is a 36-question survey completed on-line that reveals the indi- vidual mix of striving instincts; it measures energies in four “Action Modes”: • Fact finder – gathering and sharing of information. It deals with detail and complexity and provides the perspective of ex- perience • Follow through – sorting and storing Information. Deal- ing with structure and order and providing focus and con- tinuity • Quick start – dealing with uncertainty, originality and risk taking. It provides intui- tion and a sense of vision • Implementation – handling physical space and the ability to operate manually. It meas- ures durability and a sense of the tangible We “initiate”, “respond” or “prevent” in each of these ac- tion modes. Initiation or in- sistence implies strong-willed behaviour resulting from high levels of energy in one action mode. Prevention or resist- ance is the unwillingness to act in an action mode due to low levels of energy in that particular mode. Alun Rees discusses ways to assess your team so you can get the best results What’s your KOLBE™? The modus operandi determines a person’s use of time