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cosmetic dentistry_ beauty & science

I 41 about the publisher _ submission guidelines I cosmeticdentistry 1_2012 submission guidelines: Please note that all the textual components of your submission must be combined into one MS Word document. Please do not submitmultiplefilesforeachoftheseitems: _thecompletearticle; _alltheimage(tables,charts,photographs,etc.)captions; _thecompletelistofsourcesconsulted;and _theauthororcontactinformation(biographicalsketch,mailing address,e-mailaddress,etc.). In addition, images must not be embedded into the MS Word document. All images must be submitted separately, and details aboutsuchsubmissionfollowbelowunderimagerequirements. Text length Article lengths can vary greatly—from 1,500 to 5,500 words— depending on the subject matter. Our approach is that if you needmoreorlesswordstodothetopicjustice,thenpleasemake thearticleaslongorasshortasnecessary. We can run an unusually long article in multiple parts, but this usually entails a topic for which each part can stand alone be- causeitcontainssomuchinformation. In short, we do not want to limit you in terms of article length, sopleaseusethewordcountaboveasageneralguidelineandif youhavespecificquestions,pleasedonothesitatetocontactus. Text formatting We also ask that you forego any special formatting beyond the useofitalicsandboldface.Ifyouwouldliketoemphasisecertain wordswithinthetext,pleaseonlyuseitalics(donotuseunderli- ningoralargerfontsize).Boldfaceisreservedforarticleheaders. Pleasedonotuseunderlining. Please use single spacing and make sure that the text is left jus- tified.Pleasedonotcentretextonthepage.Donotindentpara- graphs, rather place a blank line between paragraphs. Please do notaddtabstops. Shouldyourequireaspeciallayout,pleaseletthewordprocessing programmeyouareusinghelpyoudothisformattingautomati- cally. Similarly, should you need to make a list, or add footnotes or endnotes, please let the word processing programme do it for youautomatically.Therearemenusineveryprogrammethatwill enableyoutodoso.Thefactisthatnomatterhowcarefullydone, errorscancreepinwhenyoutrytonumberfootnotesyourself. Anyformattingcontrarytostatedabovewillrequireustoremove such formatting before layout, which is very time-consuming. Pleaseconsiderthiswhenformattingyourdocument. Image requirements Please number images consecutively throughout the article by using a new number for each image. If it is imperative that certainimagesaregroupedtogether,thenuselowercaseletters todesignatetheseinagroup(forexample,2a,2b,2c). Please place image references in your article wherever they areappropriate,whetherinthemiddleorattheendofasentence. If you do not directly refer to the image, place the reference at the end of the sentence to which it relates enclosed within bracketsandbeforetheperiod. Inaddition,pleasenote: _WerequireimagesinTIForJPEGformat. _Theseimagesmustbenosmallerthan6x6cminsizeat300DPI. _Theseimagefilesmustbenosmallerthan80KBinsize(orthey willprintthesizeofapostagestamp!). Larger image files are always better, and those approximately thesizeof1MBarebest.Thus,donotsizelargeimagefilesdown to meet our requirements but send us the largest files available. (The larger the starting image is in terms of bytes, the more lee- waythedesignerhasforresizingtheimageinordertofillupmore spaceshouldthereberoomavailable.) Also, please remember that images must not be embedded into the body of the article submitted. Images must be submitted separatelytothetextualsubmission. You may submit images via e-mail, via our FTP server or post a CD containing your images directly to us (please contact us forthemailingaddress,asthiswilldependuponthecountryfrom whichyouwillbemailing). Pleasealsosendusaheadshotofyourselfthatisinaccordance withtherequirementsstatedabovesothatitcanbeprintedwith yourarticle. Abstracts Anabstractofyourarticleisnotrequired. Author or contact information Theauthor’scontactinformationandaheadshotoftheauthor are included at the end of every article. Please note the exact information you would like to appear in this section and for- mat it according to the requirements stated above. A short biographical sketch may precede the contact information if you provide us with the necessary information (60 words orless). Questions? MagdaWojtkiewicz(ManagingEditor)