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38 I I industry news _ Kuraray cosmeticdentistry 1_2012 _CLEARFIL S³ BOND PLUS is the one-step adhesive for direct resto- rations. It has been devel- opedbasedonCLEARFILS³ BOND technology, which reveals five years of clinical evidence. Etching, priming and bonding steps are completed with one-liquid, one-coat treatment. The excellent bond strength to enamel and dentine of CLEARFIL S³ BOND PLUS marks a new standard among one- step adhesives, enabled by Kuraray’s innovative adhesive technology, which has been successful for more than 30 years. Its fast and simple applica- tion combined with its fluoride-releasing prop- erty makes CLEARFIL S³ BOND PLUS the ideal choice for all kinds of clinical situations, in- cluding paediatric ther- apy and core build-ups with the new CLEARFIL DC CORE PLUS. Further- more, the system allows forpreciseandeconomic dosing. The main benefit of using one-step adhe- sives is to reduce tech- nical errors, thanks to a short application time and simple handling. The time-saving procedure makesCLEARFILS³BOND PLUS ready for immedi- ate use in only three short steps: apply, air- dry, light-cure—all done in less than 30 seconds. CLEARFIL S³ BOND PLUS is easy and comfortable to use because time-intensive work steps, such as shaking the bottle, exact mixing and application of several components, multiple layering and rubbing in on the tooth surface, are no longer necessary. The high bond strength of CLEARFIL S³ BOND PLUS is the result of two Kuraray innovative tech- nologies: the high performance initiator and the proven MDP monomer. The new high performance initiatorforlight-curingimprovesclinicalperform- ance by building up more active radicals than conventional initiators and making the bond more impervious to water thanks to the increased poly- merisation ratio. The integrated adhesive monomer MDP ensures a strong chemical bond to hydroxyapatite. In use for more than 25 years in successful products like PANAVIA F 2.0 and CLEARFIL SE BOND, the MDP monomer attains a high bond strength and reliable adhesive durability to tooth structure. The stable interface between tooth and com- posite resin is furthermore ensured by Kuraray’s uniqueMolecularDispersionTechnologycontained in CLEARFIL S³ BOND PLUS. The technology allows hydrophilic and hydrophobic components of the bond to be homogenously combined—constantly. Thus, there is no phase separation, resulting in the formation of a homogenous layer on the prepa- ration surface. The bond, showing no water voids, excels through its excellent bond performance. CLEARFIL S³ BOND PLUS is always ready to use and will have users persuaded of its durable high bond strength._ Kuraray Europe GmbH Industriepark Höchst,Building F 821 65926 Frankfurt/Main Germany (EU) (USA) cosmeticdentistry _contact CLEARFILS3 BOND PLUS High-tech and high speed for high performance