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20 I I practice management _ marketing through Facebook and there were 24 e-mails over a two-month period until he started treatment. How easy is it for a patient to have a conversation with you (Fig. 2)? Why should a patient be friends with your practice on Facebook or Twitter? People like to feel part of something, a community. People like to talk, share stories and get access to unique information, whether it is hearing about some- thing first or getting deals. Think about the newsletters you subscribe to, the people you fol- low on Twitter, etc. If they are always trying to sellsomething,youquicklygetboredorfindthem inauthentic. No matter what the technology you are using is, it is about a quality interaction with like- minded people. I get concerned when people get all excited about the latest thing, for example QR (quickresponse)codes(Fig.3).Itdoesnotstopyou communicating with that person any differently; itisjustafastwayofthemaccessinginformation. Don’t just jump on the next bandwagon; get your team interacting in an authentic and engaging way FIRST. The only way you can do this is to hire the right people and then it’s over to good leader- ship and training. Are the different ways of contacting you clearly visible? Gone are the days when dentists were stuck in ivory towers. The consumer is well informed and their attitude to discounts and deals is really changing. Now not just about saving money: it’s the excitement, the chase of the best deal. Groupon hasopenedconsumerseyes.Idefinitelydon’trec- ommend that a dental practice start advertising on these sites; some practices nearly went bank- rupt when they did. MORE FOR LESS: While many people may have less money to spend right now, consumers every- where will forever look to experience more. What is your customer experience? THE MEDIUM IS THE MOTIVATION: Consumers are now being alerted to offers and deals via new (and therefore infinitely more exciting and attractive) technologies. BEST OF THE BEST: With instant mobile or online access to not only deals but also reviews, consumers can now be confident they’re getting thebestpriceforthebestproductorservice.What does your Google review say? And next? An even bigger ‘deal ecosystem’, more personalisation, more loyalty schemes, more pressure on you to deliver deal-immune brilliance as an integral part of your dental care. Brush strokes: _Look at ALL your marketing materials and prac- tice stationery. Is it all on brand? _Take a look at your Google reviews. _Take a look at your website on mobile devices like the Blackberry, iPhone and iPad. _Why should a patient follow you on social me- dia? There has never been a better time to be in dentistry. But what does the future hold?_ cosmeticdentistry 1_2012 DrJamesGoolnikisfounder oftheBowLaneDentalGroup inLondon,England.Itwasvoted Londonpracticeoftheyearin 2006.DrGoolnikisimmediate past-presidentoftheBritish AcademyofCosmeticDentistry andservesontheBoardofthe BritishDentalBleachingSociety.Hehasproducedthe world’sfirstdentalpracticeiPhoneapp.Herecently launchedtheHeartYourSmile campaign(Fig.4), aninspirationalmovementforchangingthepublic’s perceptionofUKdentistry.DrGoolnikisakeyopinion leaderandwasvotedthemostinfluentialpersonin UKDentistryin2011.HeistheauthorofBrush:Proven strategiestomakeyouandyourdentalbusiness shine,whichcanbepurchasedviahiswebsite profitsgotobuildingadentalclinicinCambodia. _about the author cosmeticdentistry Fig. 4