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Dental Tribune U.S. Edition

Dental Tribune U.S. Edition | February 2012 A17iNdustry News Safe from the get-go(and on the go) At the end of the 19th century, when researchers developed the first X-ray machine, they knew it posed potential danger. Due to leakage from X-ray tubes, scientists developed protocols to protect operators from imminent X-ray expo- sure during procedures. These protocols included lead-lined walls, lead vests and/ or the operator leaving the room. Such steps remained intact through the end of the 20th century. Now things have changed. When Aribex developed a handheld X- ray system in 2005, the company created a device that was inherently safe from the get-go. Clinicians can now safely hold a lightweight, cordless X-ray unit, called the NOMAD®, in their hands while tak- ing X-rays. “Numerous studies have been done to ensure that the NOMAD is indeed safe,” said Larry Emmott, DDS, considered a leading authority on dental high tech in the country. “In fact, one study actually showed Nomad users received less expo- sure than those who used a traditional system.” This is made possible through Aribex’s patented shielding on the X-ray source and collimator cone, as well as the leaded acrylic backscatter shield that protects the operator from reflected radiation. More than 30 independent and third- party evaluations and scientific studies, from universities, physicists, test houses, government and military groups have concluded the Aribex NOMAD Handheld X-ray Systems are both safe and effec- tive. With the hand-held X-ray system, the operator can not only hold the unit and stay in the room; they can also keep the NOMAD in place while taking X-rays, and reassure anxious patients, includ- ing children. The device can be operated anywhere, anyplace, at the point-of-care. “In fact, as the ultimate benefit of mobil- ity, you can use the NOMAD at a nursing home, mobile clinic, or humanitarian mission,” Emmott says. Because it is so easily transportable, the NOMAD enables dentists to practice in remote areas where conventional X- ray devices could never go. And because of the built-in shielding and backscat- ter shield, numerous independent tests have proved its safety for operator and patient alike. “The NOMAD has forever changed the way that dental radiography is per- formed,” said Dr. D. Clark Turner, presi- dent and chief executive officer of Ari- bex. “It has become a staple in dental offices everywhere.” For information on Aribex and the safety, convenience and various studies for the NOMAD, please visit www.aribex. com or visit Booth No. 2036 at the Chi- cago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting. (Source: Aribex) Ad Aribex hand-held X-ray technology is convenient and safer than ever CMWM BOOTH NO. 2036 NOMAD Pro Handheld X-ray System Photo/Aribex