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Dental Tribune U.S. Edition

Dental Tribune U.S. Edition | February 2012A12 Ad iNdustry News Launched in 1985, the DEFEND brand, by Mydent International, has grown into a global leader serving 43 countries in the manufacturing of high quality infection control products, disposables, preventatives and impression-material systems. With more than 25 years of reliable service to the dentalindustry,MydentInternationalman- ufactures more than 35 percent of consum- ables used in the dental operatory. From our award-winning sterilization products, impression materials, prophy paste, wipes and lab coats, to our dispos- ables and more, Mydent International manufactures more than 300 items used by dental professionals. Sterilization pouches; DEFEND+PLUS Pouches, awarded “Best Product 2010” by Hygiene Product Shop- per magazine, have lead-free dual indica- tors to ensure the correct sterilization tem- perature, saving both time and treatment costs by eliminating the need for separate indicator strips. These durable pouches are constructed with triple-sealed seams and strong materials to help prevent instru- ment penetration and tears. DEFEND+PLUS Pouches, with added internal indicators, also received an “Editors’ Choice” award and 4.5 out of 5 rating from The Dental Advisor. Impression-material line Mydent International’s impression-mate- rial line is an industry favorite. Recognized by Dental Product Shopper, DEFEND im- pression materials have been described by dentists as "the best material ever used." Offering exceptional mix and flow charac- teristics, DEFEND VPS and bite registration impression materials provide outstanding detail and need minimal dispensing effort. Prophy paste DEFEND+PLUS Prophy Paste, a 2010 “Rec- ommended” product, delivers superior pol- ishing and stain removal in a splatter-free formula. The paste is gluten-free to ensure against allergic reactions and contains 1.23 percent active fluoride ion. the paste comes in mint, cherry, vanilla/orange, root beer, tangerine and bubble gum flavors. Disinfectant wipes DEFEND+PLUS Wipes disinfect, deodor- ize and clean hard, non-porous surfaces safely and effectively. The wipes, which contain a stable, low-pH-formulated dis- infectant and deodorant, feature a new, two-minute kill time for 11 organisms, including: methicillin-resistant Staphy- lococcus aureus; influenza A; Pseudo- monas aeruginosa; hepatitis B and C; and they deliver a one-minute kill time for hu- man immunodeficiency virus-1. This prod- uct has been recognized by Dental Product Shopper magazine as “Best Product 2011.” Ultrasonic cleaning tablets Mydent International’s Ultrasonic Enzy- matic Tablets dissolve in a gallon of water in under a minute to create a powerful and effective ultrasonic cleaning solution. This solution will greatly assist in the removal of blood, bone, tissue, food particles and other soils that may be resistant to chemical de- tergents. This-easy-to-use product may also be used as an instrument pre-soak or as an evacuation system cleaner. Gloves and masks We also manufacture a variety of gloves and masks, including Powder-Free Micro Textured Latex Exam Gloves, Powder-Free Nitrile Textured Exam Gloves, Powdered Professional Latex Exam Gloves, "Diffuser" (Anti-Fog) Pleated Ear Loop & Tie-On Mask, DEFEND+PLUSPleatedProceduralEar-Loop Mask, Pleated Ear-Loop Mask with Shield, and more. Our recent release of DEFEND Powder-Free Textured Nitrile Exam Gloves Award-earningmanufacturermakes more than 300 dental products Mydent International's record of reliable service dates back more than 25 years Mydent International's DEFEND brand products are available in 43 countries. Photo/Mydent CMWM BOOTH NO. 2115 ” See DEFEND, page A13