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Dental Tribune U.S. Edition PRSRTSTD U.S.Postage PAID SanAntonio,TX Permit#1396 DentalTribuneAmerica 116West23rdStreet Suite#500 NewYork,N.Y.10011 DENTAL TRIBUNE The World’s Dental Newspaper · U.S. Edition February 2012 — Vol. 7, No. 2 Internal radIcular resorbtIon Emergency radiosurgery, curettage, root canal and a filling save #27 tooth presenting with internal radicular resorbtion. ” page A4 news a1–a3 • Warriors of oral health • 'Awesome Thing No. 129' • Cosmetic dentistry survey results clInIcal a4 • Internal radicular resorbtion meetIngs a6–a10 • 30,000 expected in Chicago •Live dentistry back at PDC • AAIP: Implant training in Jamaica • Hinman's 'Century of Excellence' • AACD: 'Outside the Lines' • JDIQ expects record attendance • New York meeting grows globally Industry clInIcal a11 • 'Doctor Vanini's Color Theory' Industry news a12–a21 • 300 Products from Mydent DEFEND • 'Give Kids A Smile' donation • Total digital dentistry from 3Shape • DIY handpiece repair • Pediatric crowns convince skeptic • Hand-held X-Ray device • Photo essay: BruxZir Solid Zirconia • Keystone Industries rich in history Endo TribunE endodontIsts' Income Increases salary survey shows recent jump in pay for those who are devoted to saving teeth. ” page B1 HygiEnE TribunE salt enlIsted In fIght agaInst carIes Iodine deficiencies and caries are being fought globally with the same product: fluoridated salt. ” page C1 PRSRTSTD U.S.Postage PAID SanAntonio,TX Permit#1396 DentalTribuneAmerica 116West23rdStreet Suite#500 NewYork,N.Y.10011 DENTAL TRIBUNE The World’s Dental Newspaper · U.S. Edition chIcago m Idw Interm eetIng Ad T he spirit of Gen. George S. Pat- ton Jr. greets patients at the door. Only a few yards away from the hospital room where one of America’s most famous war heroes died in 1945, Lt. Col. Cathleen Labate has just begun her daily shift. The dental provid- er from New Hampshire is one of almost 100 U.S. Army dentists serving in the Eu- rope Regional Dental Command (ERDC) at Nachrichten Kaserne hospital in Hei- delberg, a small German town idyllically situated along the edge of the Odenwald forest. There she is jointly responsible for the oral health of several hundred sol- diers and their families in the surround- ing communities. Labate was recently transferred from another Army Dental Clinic, in Vicenza, Italy. Prior to that, the descendant of German-Italian immigrants worked in private practice in the U.S. for almost 20 years. The oral health of soldiers she sees on a daily basis is often better that those of the patients she treated during her career as a rural dentist. Consequently, the most common procedures here are regular dental exams and emergency work, such as the patient who just left her office, a retired army officer who had a periodontal abscess. “Generally speaking, the oral health of people in the military is good,” she said. “Although I have to admit that missions like those in Iraq and Afghanistan can se- riously take their toll on soldiers’ teeth.” Col. William R. Bachand could not agree more. The 58-year-old command- er of the EDRC has been with the Army Dental Corps for more than 32 years. In stressful situations, such as armed con- flicts, he said, oral hygiene quickly de- clines with every single soldier. Along with the high intake of acidic and sugar- rich fluids, especially in hot climates such as Afghanistan, this negligence Warriors of oral health Dentists have served the U.S. military for more than 100 years By Daniel Zimmermann, Dental Tribune International ” See WARRIORS, page A2 ” See page A6 The Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting ranks as the sixth largest medical meeting in the United States, according to the Healthcare Convention and Exhibitors Association. This year it's held Feb. 23-25. Photo/Kasia Biel, In Chicago: 'Teeth and All That Jazz'