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Dental Tribune U.S. Edition

DENTAL TRIBUNE | December 2011 Industry News 21A AD VOCO is introducing with Quick Up an innovative and complete implant pick up system that virtually elimi- nates the risk of interlocking and cuts chairside time in half. Designed specifically for bonding attachments, such as ball, Locator® and telescopic attachments as well as other attachments in acrylic-based dentures, Quick Up can also be used for reattaching secondary elements in a denture such as bar retainers. With everything in one system, Quick Up improves workflow and chairside efficiency — saving time and money. New pick-up method cuts time, eliminates accidental locking of dentures to implant The system includes Quick Up self-curing composite in the Quick- Mix syringe. Easy to use, Quick Up SC demonstrates exceptionally high strength. Other components of the System include: Fit Test C&B, used to check whether the openings in the denture base provide enough space to receive the attachments and for blocking out undercuts in the over- denture; Quick Up adhesive, a strong adhesive material that is applied to the underside of the denture to improve composite retention; and Quick Up LC, a light-cure composite used to VOCO’s Quick Up implant pick-up system (Photo/Provided by VOCO) correct minor surface defects in the denture. In the new Quick Up technique, the recess holes will be filled only two-thirds with the self-cured Quick Up SC and after intraoral setting, finished with the light-cured Quick Up fill LC. This procedure does not require vent hole preparation and excess material removal; polishing time is significantly reduced. Over- all procedure time is cut in half compared with classic methods. DT (Source: VOCO) Carestream Dental, a subsidiary of Carestream Health and the exclu- sive manufacturer of KODAK Dental Systems has entered into a compre- hensive data-sharing agreement with Lexicomp, a global provider of drug information and drug data solutions for health care professionals. Through this venture, Lexicomp’s vast, subscription-based database of comprehensive drug information and clinical reference content will be made accessible through Carestream Den- tal’s SoftDent, PracticeWorks, Windent and WinOMS CS software. Release date will vary for each software platform. “As with many of our products and services, our goal for this partnership is to maximize oral health profession- als’ ability to further streamline office management and spend quality time on patient care,” said Carestream Den- tal President and CEO Patrik Eriksson. “By giving practice professionals the ability to access Lexicomp data and pull it directly into patient records with their existing practice management software, we can improve decision support to ensure patient safety and eliminate several steps in an otherwise lengthy data entry process,” Eriksson said. “This reduces the chance of errors and saves practices valuable time as they check on drug interac- tions.” Lexicomp maintains an in-house clinical team made up of advanced- degreed pharmacists with significant clinical and academic experience. This team performs daily surveillance of announcements by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and pharmaceu- tical manufacturers. This critical infor- mation is compiled and made available to heath care systems. Information covered includes drug availability, new dosage forms, revisions to contraindi- cations, warnings and other changes. For more information about Carestream Dental, call (800) 944-6365 or visit (Source: Carestream Dental) Office management software links to drug, clinical data