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Dental Tribune U.S. Edition

Industry News DENTAL TRIBUNE | December 201120A AD Universal self-etch bonding agent doesn’t need a separate activator Oxford Scientific Dental Products introduces Oxford Bond SE, a simple- to-use, self-etching bonding agent. Oxford Bond SE is designed for use in both direct and indirect techniques. The agent provides strong, reliable bonding of composites, compomers and resin-reinforced glass ionomer materials to dentin and enamel. Unlike most self-etching bond- ing systems, Oxford Bond SE can be used for indirect procedures with- out adding a separate adhesive or dual-cure activator. This simplifies the procedure and makes it more reliable by eliminating any variabil- ity in mixing by various staff mem- bers, ensuring a tenacious bond with every procedure. Proven to be superior Oxford Bond SE provides all the ben- efits of a cutting-edge self-etch adhe- sive: less patient sensitivity, ease of use and fewer application steps. It exhibits superior bond strengths to both dentin and enamel. In a laboratory study (data available upon request), Oxford Bond SE showed bond strengths superior to six of the leading self-etch adhesives on the market. Oxford Bond SE received a ++++ rating from The Dental Advisor. More than 50 percent of the evalu- ators stated they would switch from their current self-etch bonding agent to Oxford Bond SE. Oxford Bond SE is very simple to use. Application requires only three steps with a total time of 45 to 50 sec- onds. Light curing is achieved in 20 seconds and self-curing is achieved in five minutes. Oxford Bond is supplied in 5 ml bottles or in 0.15 ml single doses. The single-dose delivery system is highly reliable. Gravity feeds the fluid in the upper chamber into the lower chamber, insuring a complete and homogenous mixing of the com- ponents. Each single-dose container has enough to bond to at least three units. This single-dose system pro- vides enough material for a stan- dard procedure without wasting an inordinate amount of bonding agent in the mixing well. It also promotes good infection control. Oxford Bond SE is competitively priced and represents a very good value for your supply dollar. To order Oxford Bond SE or to obtain additional information, call Finnigan Enterprises at (888) 686-1950 or go to About Oxford Scientific Dental Products Although the Oxford Scientific brand name may be new to North American dental professionals, the company has been manufacturing dental con- sumables for a number of U.S. com- panies for nearly 20 years. Oxford Scientific Dental Products are manu- factured to the highest standards. The facility is FDA registered and the products are CE certified. The company’s mission is to pro- vide the dental consumer with the finest quality materials based upon state-of-the-art manufacturing and the pride of a dedicated workforce. The company’s portfolio currently contains: a core build-up material, Oxford Zircore Nano, a dual-cure, (Photos/Provided by Oxford Scientific Dental Products) nano zirconia filler reinforced resin core build-up material that was rated “Excellent-Good” by an “inde- pendent, non-profit dental education and product testing institute” in its January 2011 newsletter; a complete line of temporary crown and bridge materials, such as Oxford Temp, a temporary C&B material, Oxford Temp Cem, a temporary cement and Oxford Correct, a flowable compos- ite repair material for the temporary C&B material. Oxford Correct was selected by the “independent, non-profit dental education and product testing insti- tute” for its 2010 Buying Guide, pub- lished in its December 2010 news- letter. The Oxford Scientific Dental Product portfolio will constantly expand to fulfill the needs of every practice for high-quality restorative materials at a competitive price, while maintaining a commitment to satisfaction. Oxford Scientific Dental Products are exclusively marketed and dis- tributed in North America by Finni- gan Enterprises of Meriden, Conn., (888) 686-1950. DT (Source: Oxford Scientific Dental Products)