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Industry News DENTAL TRIBUNE | December 201118A BeautiBond™ is a seventh-gen- eration bonding agent developed by Shofu. This new product con- tains unique dual adhesive mono- mers that work independently to produce equal bond strengths for dentin and enamel. Available in convenient unit doses, BeautiBond offers easy, one-step, one-coat applications. Just ask Howard S. Glazer, DDS, a general practitioner who has been using the new product for some time now at his practice in Fort Lee, N.J. “I have been a seventh- generation user from the day they were introduced and have used every one on the market, and I am telling you — this one is hot, and it is getting hotter,” Glazer told Dental Tribune. BeautiBond’s enhanced bond strength rivals that of leading sixth-generation adhesives, but with the convenience of a sev- enth-generation material. “It will definitely get people who have been hesitating to switch. In fact, it makes ‘the leap’ so much easier, and ‘the leap’ is in quotes because there is no leap really,” he said. Glazer said he likes BeautiBond because it incorporates two sepa- rate chemistries that bond to both the dentin and the enamel. He also likes that it works with a very low micrometer thickness, leaving no gap of potential porosity for Easy as one, two, three his patients. The light-cure, self- etching adhesive has a film thick- ness of less than 5 micrometers for better adaptation of restorative materials and is ideal for highly esthetic and minimally invasive restorations. And another huge plus, Glazer said, is the ease of use the prod- uct offers. BeautiBond requires very few steps and the unit dose delivery is stable, for excellent chairside handling. “There is no fumbling, no mixing, no shak- ing,” Glazer said. “Just look at the steps card — it is as easy as one, two, three.” A single application of BeautiBond requires just 30 sec- onds for a durable, reliable bond. High bond strengths are achieved due to BeautiBond’s HEMA-free composition, resulting in virtually no gingival blanching, which is normally caused by the combina- tion of HEMA and the acid mono- mer. With excellent biocompatibility and bonding durability, Beauti- Bond is an all-in-one adhesive that enables etching, priming and bonding in one simple step for a wide range of applications. BeautiBond can be used with any composite resin on the market, and is ideal for use with Shofu’s Beautifil® II composite restorative material. Beautifil II, designed for any application, is wear-resistant with low shrinkage and has a “chame- Shofu’s BeautiBond seventh-generation bonding agent is simple to use and offers quality result By Fred Michmershuizen, Online Editor leon-like quality that allows for a harmonious blend of shades with natural tooth color, yielding ideal fluorescence and optical charac- teristics that mimic natural teeth,” according to a recent review by Glazer. A curious practitioner who is always looking for increased effi- ciency, Glazer typically tests half a dozen or so new products every month. “I want things that are faster, easier and better, not only for me, the doctor, but also for the ultimate end user — the patient,” he said. “After all, we’re in the smile business, so we like to keep everybody smiling.” DT CareCredit is offering a free edu- cational audio CD, Examine and Diagnose Your Financial Systems, featuring Lisa Philp, president, of Transitions Group, an exclusive partner of Benco Dental. Philp is a published author, popular speaker and has personally coached over 1,200 dental teams. She is a cer- tified effectiveness trainer, certi- fied facilitator in integrity selling, a certified management consultant and an authentic, engaging speaker who shares her passion for den- tistry combined with practical solu- tions. During this informative audio program, Philp discusses how, within the 44 systems at work within the practice, the financial system is arguably the most impor- tant. “The financial systems are the key systems that drive collections, which contribute to the revenue engine of the practice. Every busi- ness must have revenue in excess of expenses,” explains Philp. “Ulti- mately, if a dental team does not get paid for the dentistry they per- form, there is no viable business.” Philp also details the components of an effective financial system and explains how dental teams can diagnose and fix inefficiencies within the system — starting with the practice’s written financial pol- icy. She also provides techniques that make discussing money with patients easier, proven case-accep- tance techniques and key bench- marks that indicate failure in the financial system. Practices that currently offer CareCredit can request a copy of this free audio CD by contacting their Practice Development Team at (800) 859-9975, option 1, then 6. Practices that have yet to add Care- Credit as a payment option can call (800) 300-3046, ext. 4519 to request their complimentary copy. For 25 years CareCredit has been making it easy for patients to get the care they desire, when they want it. Today CareCredit is at work in 150,000 health care prac- tices and has been used by more than 20 million patients. CareCredit is pleased to share with dental teams great ideas and practical tools from their colleagues and consultants like Philp. CareCredit is exclusively selected for their members by most state and nation- al dental associations, including ADA Business ResourcesSM , AGD, AAOMS, and AAP and is also rec- ommended by leading practice management consultants. DT (Source: CareCredit) Free audio CD: Examine, diagnose your practice’s financial systems In the audio program, certified management consultant Lisa Philp discusses how, among the 44 systems at work within a dental practice, the financial system is arguably the most important. (Photo/Provided by CareCredit) BeautiBond uses two separate chemistries that bond to both the dentin and the enamel. (Photo/Provided by Shofu)