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Dental Tribune U.S. Edition

DENTAL TRIBUNE | December 2011 Industry News 15A For more than a decade, R-dental has offered METAL-BITE® , the uni- versal registration material. The dark grey A-silicone guarantees excel- lent universal registrations. Accord- ing to the German opinion leader Prof. Dr. Gutowski, METAL-BITE is also usable for the biteplate of the face-bow registration system and for dynamic registrations (FGP-tech- nique). METAL-BITE shows perfect physi- cal properties: It is extremely fast and hard, thixotropic and high standable. The snap-set guarantees the highest precision. Once cured, METAL-BITE is inflexible and not crumbly, with a sufficiently long working time (25 seconds). A high Shore D-hardness (40) and high dimension stability are convincing advantages of the reliable registration material. The universal registration materi- al is available in 50-ml cartridges, and there are also accessories avail- able. For more information, please contact the manufacturer. DT R-dental Dentalerzeugnisse GmbH Winterhuder Weg 88 22085 Hamburg, Germany Tel: +49 40-22757617 Fast, reliable bite registration every time R-SI-LINE METAL-BITE A-silicone delivers high precision, speed, stability and strength METAL-BITE universal registration material is extremely fast and hard, thixotropic and high standable. (Photo/ Provided by R-Dental) Sirona Dental Systems has announced that Dental Services Group™ (DSG), a network of 25 North American laboratories, is now providing CEREC® and CEREC® AC Connect users with an attractive rebate and placement program. Both new and existing CEREC AC Connect users who choose to use Dental Services Group for any labo- ratory needs will earn a generous rebate to help cover the cost of their CEREC AC Connect digital impres- sion system. Rebates are issued in the form of laboratory credits and are applied to the user’s DSG lab invoice. Rebates range in size based on monthly DSG lab bills and can cover all financing costs, service contracts and provide savings on restorations at the highest level. The program is based on incremen- tal business done with DSG. In addition, DSG created a Place- ment Program for dental profession- als interested in having a CEREC AC Connect placed in their practice with no up-front costs. Interested parties simply commit to a certain amount of incremental annual lab work with DSG and DSG will cover the cost of the scanner. “Our goal at DSG is to provide services that help make our lab customers successful,” said Buddy Pickle, Dental Services Group CEO. “Providing CEREC milling capabili- ties and including the CEREC AC Connect in our rebate and place- ment programs are services we offer to help achieve that goal.” “We are very excited about DSG’s digital impression program for CEREC and CEREC AC Connect users,” said Norbert Ulmer, director of Laboratory CAD/CAM for Sirona. “We consider DSG to be an active driver in expanding the usage of digital impression technology. By providing these attractive incen- tives, DSG is striving to elevate den- tal care and introduce efficiencies to the entire restorative process. The programs are substantial steps toward making digital impressions a reality for all and, in turn, will ben- efit patients, dentists, and ultimately the entire dental community.” For more information, please contact your DSG representative, call Sirona at (855) 465-2248, or visit About Sirona Dental Systems Recognized as a leading global manufacturer of technologically advanced, high-quality dental equip- ment, Sirona has served equipment dealers and dentists worldwide for more than 125 years. Sirona develops, manufactures and markets a complete line of den- tal products, including CAD/CAM restoration equipment (CEREC and inLab® ); digital and film-based intraoral, panoramic and cephalo- metric X-ray imaging systems; den- tal treatment centers; and hand- pieces. Visit for more information about Sirona and its products. About Dental Services Group Dental Services Group is a net- work of quality-focused, local labs throughout North America. Partner- ing with one of DSG’s 25 laborato- ries provides the personal relation- ship and care of a local laboratory combined with the technical exper- tise and full suite of offerings of a national laboratory. While the foundation of their business is providing high-quality restorations and dental appliances, DSG labs go a step beyond by offer- ing ways to support and grow dental practices. Their vision is to provide relevant services and solutions that will help make practitioners more successful. Learn more at www. DT (Source: Sirona Dental Systems) Lab network’s rebate program helps cover cost of your in-practice digital impression system It’s a truly unique, reusable fil- tered water bottle that provides consumers with a convenient and affordable, environmentally-friendly way to enjoy clean, healthy drinking water from virtually any source. The Gottawatta filtered water bottle is an ideal solution for those seeking an affordable, environmentally friendly way to enjoy clean drinking water at home or on the go — whether or not there is access to a municipal source of drinking water. While there are a number of fil- tered water bottles available that make it possible for consumers to quickly and easily remove chemi- cals from treated tap water, the Gottawatta bottle goes a step further, and that’s one of the features that makes this particular filtered water bottle truly unique. In addition to removing chemicals from drinking water, the Gottawatta filtered water bottle also safely filters bacteria out of untreated water. The fact that the Gottawatta bottle can convert lake or stream water to safe drinking water quickly and easily makes the product an ideal choice for those who enjoy camping, canoeing, fishing, sports and other outdoor activities. It’s also an ideal addition to any disaster preparation kit. Using a Gottwatta filtered water bottle offers many additional bene- fits. For example, using this BPA-free refillable bottle is much less costly than purchasing pre-filled dispos- able water bottles and it’s also better for the environment. It can also have a positive impact on dental health if you use it instead of purchasing bottled water. That’s because bot- tled water doesn’t contain fluoride. When you filter treated water with a Gottawatta bottle, the potentially harmful chemicals come out, but the fluoride stays in. The Gottawatta filtered water bottle retails for $19.99; this includes bottle, filter and a carabiner. Replace- ment filters are $14.99. Filters can be expected to last for 500 tap water uses or 160 uses with untreated water. Discounts are available on multi-pack purchases. The bottle is available at DT (Source: Gottawatta) The Gottawatta bottle removes chemicals from treated water without removing flouride, and it also can filter bacteria from untreated water. (Photo/ Provcided by Gottawatta) Bottle filters nasties, leaves in fluoride