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cosmetic dentistry_ beauty & science

06 I I case report _ veneers _As patients get older, anterior teeth com- monly show wear, chipping and discolouration. These changes are the result of a number of fac- tors associated with ageing. There is increased awareness of these unattractive teeth and the desire to have a more youthful appearance. Be- cause of the recent media attention on changing one’s appearance with veneers, there is a much greater demand for cosmetic dentistry proce- dures. Over the years in the practice of dentistry, I have developed products and techniques that have improved my practice significantly. How- ever, it was not until I took on an associate, who had been in practice for 18 years that I became aware that these were new and inno- vativeideastohim,aswellastootherdentistshe knew. I have been placing veneers for more than 25 years and developed a technique that can make a single veneer blend so naturally with the other teeth that it is undetectable. Various nu- ances in technique make preparing and bonding veneers quick and easy. cosmeticdentistry 4_2011 Making a single veneer blend so naturally that it’s undetectable Author_ Dr L. Emery Karst, USA Fig. 1bFig. 1a Fig. 2bFig. 2a