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cosmetic dentistry_ beauty & science

cosmeticdentistry_ beauty & science I about the publisher _ imprint cosmeticdentistry 4_201150 I Copyright Regulations _cosmetic dentistry_beauty & science is published by Oemus Media AG and will appear in 2011 with one issue every quarter. The magazine andallarticlesandillustrationsthereinareprotectedbycopyright.Anyutilisationwithoutthepriorconsentofeditorandpublisherisinadmissibleandliable to prosecution. This applies in particular to duplicate copies, translations, microfilms, and storage and processing in electronic systems. Reproductions, including extracts, may only be made with the permission of the publisher. Given no statement to the contrary, any submissions to the editorial department are understood to be in agreement with a full or partial publishing of said submission. The editorial department reserves the right to check all submitted articles for formal errors and factual authority, and to make amendments if necessary. No responsibility shall be taken for unsolicited booksandmanuscripts.Articlesbearingsymbolsotherthanthatoftheeditorialdepartment,orwhicharedistinguishedbythenameoftheauthor,represent theopinionoftheafore-mentioned,anddonothavetocomplywiththeviewsofOemusMediaAG.Responsibilityforsucharticlesshallbebornebytheauthor. Responsibilityforadvertisementsandotherspeciallylabeleditemsshallnotbebornebytheeditorialdepartment.Likewise,noresponsibilityshallbeassumed for information published about associations, companies and commercial markets. All cases of consequential liability arising from inaccurate or faulty representation are excluded. General terms and conditions apply, legal venue is Leipzig, Germany. Publisher Torsten R. Oemus CEO Ingolf Döbbecke Members of the Board Jürgen Isbaner Lutz V. Hiller Editor-in-Chief Dr Sushil Koirala Co-Editor-in-Chief Dr So Ran Kwon Managing Editor Claudia Salwiczek Executive Producer Gernot Meyer Designer Franziska Dachsel Copy Editors Sabrina Raaff Hans Motschmann Published by Oemus Media AG Holbeinstraße 29 04229 Leipzig, Germany Tel.: +49-341/4 84 74-0 Fax: +49-341/4 84 74-2 90 Printed by Messedruck Leipzig GmbH An der Hebemärchte 6 04316 Leipzig, Germany Advisory Board Dr Michael Miller, USA Dr Seok-Hoon Ko, Korea Editorial Board Dr Anthony Au, Australia Dr Bao Baicheng, China Dr Helena Lee, Singapore Dr Hisashi Hisamitsu, Japan Dr Jiraporn Charudilaka, Thailand Dr Mostaque H. Sattar, Bangladesh Dr Ratnadeep Patil, India Dr Sim Tang Eng, Malaysia Dr Suhit Raj Adhikari, Nepal Dr Takashi Nakamura, Japan Dr Vijayaratnam Vijayakumaran, Sri Lanka Claudia Salwiczek, Managing Editor cosmeticdentistry _ beauty & science is the official publication of: