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I 47 meetings _ BACD I cosmeticdentistry 4_2011 deani, who lectured on the opening day of the three-day conference. This outstanding clinician explained in detail the choice and protocols de- manded for the production of metal-free ceramic restorations. DrSanjaySethi,whoispassionateaboutminimal intervention but requires the very best aesthetics for his patients, stressed that all dentistry must fol- low strict ethical guidelines. Prof Trevor Burke expanded on the theme of “Donoharm”andencouragedpractitionerstomake the best possible use of remaining tooth structure as a framework for building reliable restorations. For Dr Federico Ferraris adhesion is the key! Whether using direct or indirect procedures the avoidance of micro-leakage is paramount in pro- ducing excellent longevity. Dr Joerd van der Meer spoke about digital im- pression,atechnologythatisimprovingrapidlyand opening exciting possibilities. In his lecture, Dr Jason Smithson explained that warm composite undergoes better monomer con- version, leading to stronger posterior composite fillings, and described his technique in detail. Our dental trade partners supported the con- ference with an exhibition that featured more than 40 companies supplying a variety of products from further educational material to high-technology equipment. Let’sgetbacktobalance—thistimeIamreferring to the balance between work and play! Delegates enjoyed many treats during the meeting, includ- ing entertainment during the Opening Ceremony, a drinks reception featuring traditional Turkish dancing and a Gala Charity Dinner, during which a substantial sum was raised to support Bridge2Aid, a charity working amongst the underprivileged in Africa. Balance is important. This year, there were few American accents. Next year,there will be more. It is valuable to consider trends and treatments from both sides of the Atlantic to be able to form a bal- anced view of the international future of dentistry and make decisions about where we want to place ourselves in this. If you missed this meeting, you missed what de- legates described as “The best BACD meeting ever!” Make sure you come to the next one!_ Fig. 5_Dr Mauro Fradeani received excellent feedback from delegates following his superb presentation. Fig. 6_Dr Sanjay Sethi (left) was welcomed by BACD President Dr Nik Sisodia. Fig. 7_Dr Jason Smithson gave a masterful presentation on the use of posterior composite. Fig. 8_Dr Lennart Jacobsen described cohesive treatment planning. Fig. 9_Prof Trevor Burke stressed the importance of preserving natural tissue. Figs. 10–13_The accompanying trade show highlighted products from a large number of companies. Figs. 14–16_Impressions from the Opening Ceremony. BACD 29 Harley Street LondonW1G 9QR UK cosmeticdentistry _contact Fig. 14 Fig. 15 Fig. 16 Fig. 11 Fig. 12 Fig. 13Fig. 10