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42 I I industry news _ Kuraray cosmeticdentistry 4_2011 _For many years, PANAVIA F 2.0 has been regarded as the solu- tion for guaranteed permanent adhesion, espe- cially for high quality and difficult restorations. Kuraray Europe has now developed PANAVIA POST, a glass-fibre post with excellent mechani- cal durability, which offers the superb properties of PANAVIA F 2.0 and hence provides an ideal solution for especially long-lasting and reliable restorations. The new PANAVIA POST is made of metha- crylate and non-epoxy-based, resin-reinforced glass fibre, characterised by particularly high durability and an optimal elastic modulus. The secret lies in Kuraray’s unique monomer and surface treatment technology. Together the proven PANAVIA F 2.0 and the new PANAVIA POST provide an ideal combination for perfect restorations. The extremely powerful adhesion between the indi- vidual components inside and outside the post prevents debonding and root fracture. The design of the PANAVIA POST—a combined cylindrical–conic form with a rounded undercut at the apex—and its elastic modulus (very similar todentine)minimisetheriskoflosingthepostor of root fracture. Since the post is metal free, its translucency meets the most sophisticated aes- thetic demands of dentists and patients. Kuraray recently launched PANAVIA POST on European markets. Only the Benelux countries will have to wait a little bit longer—until 1 Janu- ary 2012—to enjoy the excellent features of this latest member of the PANAVIA family._ Kuraray Europe GmbH Industriepark Höchst,Building F 821 65926 Frankfurt/Main Germany (EU) (USA) cosmeticdentistry _contact The new PANAVIAPOST— Long-lasting and reliable