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cosmetic dentistry_ beauty & science

30 I I industry report _ CLEARFIL ESTHETIC CEMENT Fig. 17a_Thecut-backCAD/CAMcrownsbefore labial/incisal porcelain veneering. Fig. 17b_The CAD/CAM crowns after labial/in- cisal porcelain veneering and ready for placement. Fig. 18_TheCLEARFILtry-inpastesforobtaining the matching cement shade for the crowns. The crowns are placed with different shade pastes on teeth with and without posts and cores. Fig. 19_The CLEARFIL try-in paste was applied to the crown to assess the matching cement for the vital teeth. Fig. 20_Positioning of the crown with Opaque Yellow try-in paste for a tooth with a post and core. Fig. 21_The crowns after seating with try-in pastes. The Opaque Yellow paste masked the metal cores. The shade corresponded to the crowns on the vital teeth with the universal try-in paste. Fig. 22_CLEARFIL ESTHETIC CEMENT (Universal and Opaque Yellow) was chosen for cementation of the crowns. The cement is a dual-cured composite resin. Fig. 23_Before cementation, the crown was ultrasonically cleaned in acetone, rinsed with water and dried. The etchable inner surface of the crown was conditioned with 5 % HF gel. Fig. 24_CLEARFIL CERAMIC PRIMER was ap- plied to the inner surface of the crown. Fig. 25_CLEARFIL ALLOY PRIMER for condition- ing the metal surface of the cast cores. Fig. 26_The self-etching CLEARFIL PRIMER (a mixture of ED PRIMER II Liquids A and B) for con- ditioning the preparation surfaces of the teeth. Fig. 27_Application of the cement in the crown using the standard mixing tip of the CLEARFIL ESTHETIC CEMENT system. Fig. 28_After positioning and initial light-cur- ing, the excess cement was removed with a scaler and dental floss. The final light-curing was done in various directions in sessions of 60 seconds. Figs. 29 & 30_The patient after placement of the CAD/CAM crowns with labial porcelain veneers using CLEARFIL ESTHETIC CEMENT. cosmeticdentistry 4_2011 Fig. 19 Fig. 31 Fig. 32 Fig. 33 Fig. 34 Fig. 21Fig. 20 Fig. 22 Fig. 23 Fig. 24 Fig. 28 Fig. 29 Fig. 30 Fig. 25 Fig. 26 Fig. 27