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_CLEARFIL cement for etchable ceramic crowns Fig. 6_The patient desired aesthetic and func- tional rehabilitation of the upper anterior teeth. Fig. 7_Palatinal view of the defective crowns (#21 and 22) with cavities along the gingival margins and the two bleached neighbouring teeth (#11 and 12) with large leaking and discoloured fillings. Fig. 8_The aesthetic and functional mock-up in composite resin for the anterior crowns. Fig. 9_Tooth preparations with shoulder mar- gins for crowns. Clinical experience has shown that it is almost impossible and therefore unwise to remove well-anchored metal posts and cores. The shade of the cement should compensate for the difference in background. Fig. 10_The anatomic temporary composite resin crown with the shape of the mock-up was coated with silver powder for the laser-beam scan- ning procedure. Fig. 11_The3-Ddigitaldrawingoftheanatomic crown after the scanning procedure in the CEREC inLab unit (Sirona). Fig. 12_A cervical view of the CAD of the anatomic crown. Fig. 13_Insertion of a block of monochro- matic etchable ceramic (IPS e.max CAD, Ivoclar Vivadent)inthespindleoftheinLabscanandmilling unit. Fig. 14_The milling procedure (CAM) of the anatomic crown. Fig. 15a_The CAD/CAM anatomic crown after crystallisation to obtain strength and tooth shade. The CAD/CAM crown had the full incisal edge con- tour of the mock-up. Fig. 15b_The same crown after cut-back. The incisal edge was cut back to mimic the lobe shape of the mamelons. The incisal and middle parts of the labial surface were also cut back to serve as a dentine build-up coping for the porcelain veneer. Fig. 16_Creative handwork was necessary to obtain an optimal aesthetic result by porcelain ve- neering the cut-back labial/incisal surface. I 29 industry report _ CLEARFIL ESTHETIC CEMENT I cosmeticdentistry 4_2011 Fig. 9 Fig. 12Fig. 10 Fig. 11 Fig. 6 Fig. 7 Fig. 8 Fig. 14 Fig. 16 Fig. 18 Fig. 15a Fig. 15b Fig. 13 Fig. 17bFig. 17a