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28 I I industry report _ CLEARFIL ESTHETIC CEMENT _In aesthetic dentistry, the shape and shade of a ceramic crown or bridge are extremely important. The dentist can create the mock-upforthecrown/bridge by shaping the patient’s teeth or existing restorations using CLEARFIL composite resin. Addition, subtraction and aesthetic shaping can easily be done in the composite resin with diamond burs and discs. The shade of the restoration can be assessed by conventional visual or spectrophoto- metric means. Then, the ceramic restoration with the desired shape and shade has to be cemented. The effect of CLEARFIL ESTHETIC CEMENTontheLabcolourcoordinatesof ceramics used for computer-generated restorations has been studied.1 The ce- mentmustbeavailableinvariousshades and the cementing procedure with a rubber dam in place should be easy. The Academic Centre for Dentistry Amster- dam therefore studied the possibilities of cement- ing crowns and bridges made of etchable and non- etchable ceramics with the new CLEARFIL ESTHETIC CEMENT (Kuraray). This cement is a dual-cured lut- ing composite resin. The etchable ceramic restora- tionistreatedbyapplying5%hydrofluoricacid(HF) gel to the inner surface for obtaining micro-reten- tion. The non-etchable ceramic restoration surface iscleanedwith40%phosphoricacidgel.Bothetch- able and non-etchable ceramic restorations are conditionedbyapplyingCLEARFILCERAMICPRIMER, a silane surface treatment agent based on the ad- hesive monomers MDP and MPS. Try-in pastes with five different shades are available to determine the matchingcementshadetobeused:Universal,Brown, Clear, Opaque Yellow and Opaque White. The prep- aration surfaces of the teeth are treated with the self-etching CLEARFIL ED PRIMER II Liquids A and B. Thereafter, the two components of the chosen ce- ment are automatically mixed and applied to the inner surface of the restoration being cemented. _CLEARFIL composite resin for the mock-up of the crown Fig. 1_The patient desired a correction of shape and shade of the veneer on tooth #11. The veneer did not fit at the margin, was too bulky, too long andtheshadewasnotideal.Additionally,thelateral incisor was hidden behind the veneer. Fig. 2_Addition of CLEARFIL composite resin for the mock-up of the crown. Fig. 3_Subtraction of the composite resin and shaping with diamond bur. Fig. 4_Contouring of the mock-up with discs. Fig. 5_The CLEARFIL composite resin mock-up for the crown after polishing. Shape, length and position were improved. The mock-up was planned to be in the mouth for at least one week. cosmeticdentistry 4_2011 Fig. 2 Fig. 1 Fig. 4 Fig. 3 Fig. 5 Universal Brown Clear Opaque Yellow Opaque White CLEARFILESTHETIC CEMENT for crowns and bridges Authors_ Dr Harry Denissen & Thomas Reiter, the Netherlands