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24 I I practice management _ world wide web _We live in a timeinwhichthingsarechanging exponentially and the way that we go about doing business is drastically evolving. The Internet has become a major player in businesses that never thought that it could apply to them. Instead of bat- tlingtheInternetwithalongstickandkeepingitout of the dental industry, it has always been our phi- losophy to leverage it in new and innovative ways that can be used to the advantage of health-care professionals worldwide. After a lot of research and brainstorming, we dis- coveredthattherealreasonthatpeopleareonlineand using products is because of a little thing called con- nectivity. Many people are online because it allows them to connect and engage with other people who havesimilarideas,viewsorinterests.Weknewthatour mission of serving as a communications and learning hub was lacking, as we were not serving every aspect ofourclients’needsinthisareaofdentistry.Thisledto a few feverish weeks of programming, writing and networking to bring you the latest suite in the ‘Hub’. _Introducing My Dental Buddies! MyDentalBuddiesisanetworkofdentalbloggers, community members and dentists, who can colla- borate to provide information to the dental com- munityatlarge.Thisfreeinitiativeisasocialnetwork that allows users to connect and engage with fellow dentistsaroundtheworld!ThisisaHUGEopportunity to learn in a collaborative and innovative way to in- crease your efficiency and effectiveness in your own personal practice. In one day, more than 100 million people signed ontoFacebook.Twittergeneratedmorethan300mil- liontweets.Approximately3millionpeople‘checked in’ to their current location and 35,000 hours of video was uploaded to YouTube. The Internet is an extremely busy place for all of that to happen in a single day! Youmayaskwhythatisrelevanttoyou.Fantastic, yousay,moreteenagersareuploadingpicturesofthe cosmeticdentistry 4_2011 Connectivity in the dental worldAuthor_ Shane Hebel, Canada