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Wordental Daily Mexico City ANNUAL WORLD DENTAL CONGRESS NEWSPAPER Advance Issue, September 2011YOUR Ah Kim Pech introduces a new company that manufactures a new line of ac- cessories for dentists and for children called Toyz by Ah Kim Pech. “We are the only company in Mexico with these type of products,” said Jorge Bolívar Guizar, from Ah Kim Pech. The line includes products for pediatric dentists, as well as funny, colorful items for dentists to give as gifts to children. “We have key rings, pens, pencils, lip-shaped clocks or “a bubble releasing tooth, which was a best seller,” added Bolívar. The aim of this 400-plus line of products is to help dentists motivate, educate and relax children in the dental office. The Toyz booth was completely crowded by dentists at the previous AMIC Expo in Mexico City. In addition, Ah Kim Pech will raffle today a car for the 17th time at the expo. The Ah Kim Pech slogan “All in ortho- dontics” says it all: the company offers all the solutions for the specialty, which is the reason why it’s number one in the Mexican market. They manufacture the Econoline brand of Nickel Titanium Arches, the Lightt brackets or orthodon- tic bands Stylus, among many others, and they also distribute in Mexico the Trainer line of the Australian company Myofunctional Research. The Mexican company Laboratorios Gayz, part ofthatSafarGroupwhichincludescompanies such as Depósito Dental Villa Cortes, is one of the best options at the expo. Its portfolio is extensive and its offerings are among the most attractive. The company distributes den- tal whitenings and composites by the Brazil- ian company FGM, KaVo’s iCat cone beam tomographer, dental chais by Ritter, alginates by CAVEX and other products by Woodpecker orMonitex.AyubSafar,presidentofLabGayas well as of the Mexican Dental Trade Associa- tion (AMIC Dental), has been instrumental in makingbothgrowexponentially,inqualityand sales. Together with the Mexican Dental Asso- ciation, he was instrumental in getting Mexico tohosttheFDIWorldDentalCongress. 6 TheBestNewsforKids The Best Products at the Best Prices Long-termn research conducted in Latin Ameri- can countries by experts such as Dr. Robert Ger- lach or Aaron Biesbrock have resulted in a wide range of developments, both in toothpastes as toothbrushes.Themostsignificantisthedevelop- mentofOral-B®Crest®Pro-Healthtoothpaste thatprovidesprotectioninallareasthatdentists checkfrequently: caries, calculus, plaque, stained teeth, bad breath, gingivitis. Among the Oral-B Crest prod- uctsFDIWorldDentalCongressarethefollowing: Oral-B®Pro-HealthToothpaste •Removesplaque •Freshensbreath •Cleansthegumline •It’sgentleonenamel •Helpsremovesurfacestains •Helpsmaintainhealthygums •Stimulatesgums Sizes:35to40soft Oral-B®Pro-Healthantibacterial • Criss Cross® bristles with Bac-Defense po- sitioned at angles opposed to lift and remove plaque(Bac-Defenseisaneffectiveantibacterial agentthathelpspreventthegrowthofbacteriaon thebristlesfor3months) •Sizes:40softand40medium Oral-B®CrossAction®Toothbrus • Crisscrossed bristles angled at 16° for im- provedinterdentalcleaning. • Efective PowerTip for easy access to posterior teeth. •Sizes:35,40and60soft Stands:912&1012&1112 Your Patients’ Health at Your Fingertips