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Wordental Daily Mexico City ANNUAL WORLD DENTAL CONGRESS NEWSPAPER Advance Issue, September 2011YOUR DoestheFDIhaveanimpactinpeople’slives? Yes, in quite specific ways, from the dental ma- terialsusedbythedentisttoanumberofissues on dental practice and ethics. FDI’s continuing education programs have an impact on the goodartoftheprofession,asdootherFDIissues suchaswastemanagementindentalpractices, guidelines, good practice recommendations and public information messages. All of these together have a tremendous impact on health professionals -- but on also patients, both di- rectlyandindirectly. What’stheroleofFDIonhealthanddentistryin aglobalcontext? FDI deals directly with the United Nations in a general way, but more espefically with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Na- tions Environment Programme (UNEP). It is very important to be globally present and to make sure that the interests of the profession, and of the public, are well represented, promoted and defended. We are part of an alliance of non-governmental organizationscalledtheWorldHealthProfessions AllianceorWHPAandourrecentfocushasbeen in noncommunicable diseases. This issue has cometothesurfaceinthepastfewyearsdueto thehealthburdentheyrepresent.FDIhasfronted theWHPAcampaignandrecentlymadeveryspe- cific recommendations at a Civil Society Hearing inNewYork.Wehavealsocreatedahealthtoolkit, whichwaslaunchedjustafewdaysago. Are these recommendations for all health pro- fessionals? FDI’sparticulargoalistohaveoraldiseaseslisted among noncommunicable diseases (NCDs). The current WHO list refers only to cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular and respiratory disease. Yet people all over the world -- governments, politi- cians, important bodies like WHO and others -- arebecomingincreasinglyawarethatoralhealth is part of general health. Oral health has a huge impact on the general health of individuals and othersystemicdiseases,especiallytNCD’s.FDIis workingtohavethisrealityreflectedinofficialUN andWHONCDpolicyandstatements. WhatistheprincipleissueatUNEP? UNEP is in the process of developing an interna- tionaltreaty formercury,oneofthecomponents of dental amalgam. FDI is ensuring that discus- sions are based on the best available science. It andseeks to facilitate solutions that do not compromise endanger public health,, particu- larly particularlyindisadvantagedandvulnerable communities,bothwithinindevelopedanddevel- opingcountries , nor should they hinder the necessary develop- ment of countries in transition and low income countries. Atthe2010AWDCGeneralAssembly,FDI’smem- bershipapprovedamotionby84%,whichplaced health promotion and disease prevention as the primaryprincipleunderscoringthepositionof FDI andthatofitsmembershipinthenegotiatingpro- cess.Themotionresolvedthat“FDIWorldDental Federation as the worldwide, authoritative and independent voice of the dental profession calls on governments to foster and ensure the phase up of effective prevention for dental caries and associated health promotion programmes. This should be linked to preventive disease manage- ment, which will result in the phase down of use of current restorative materials, including dental amalgam. These measures will ensure optimal oralhealth,particularlyforthosemostdisadvan- tagedandinneedoftreatment”. The second element of the 2010 GA Motion re- statedthesafetyofdentalamalgamandthatno ideal alternatives currently exist: ”Amalgam is a safe and highly effective restorative material. To maintain and protect global public health, a phasedownofamalgamwillbeonlyappropriate whenanalternativeandsuitablerestorativema- terialisavailable”. Dental amalgam has been in use for well over a centuryandwedonotyethaveaproductthatisas tough--anamalgamfillingcanlastfor25years or more -- or as a cost-effective: other materials with a shorter life cycle are at least three times ascostly.Itisimportantforustofindaworkable solution. WhatisyourpersonalgoalasFDIPresident? IwillbethefirstPortuguesePresidentofFDIand I would like to give more visibility to some Portu- guese-speaking countries like Angola, Mozam- bique, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, East Timor and São Tomé and Príncipe … these countries have tremendous needs in terms of oral health professionsandintermsoftheoralhealthneeds ofthemillionsofpeoplethatlivethere. 4 “FDI makes a difference in people’s lives” Page 1 El nuevo presidente de FDI, Dr. Orlando Orlando Monteiro da Silva, derecha, con los presidentes de AMIC DentalydeADMdurantelaFiestaLatinadeDentalTribuneenlaexposiciónIDS. FDI new President Dr. Orlando Monteiro da Silva, right, with the presidents of the Mexican expo AMIC DentalandoftheMexicanDentalAssociationatDentalTribune’sLatinGalaatIDS.