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Wordental Daily Mexico City ANNUAL WORLD DENTAL CONGRESS NEWSPAPERAdvance Issue, September 2011 YOUR 21 Dentadec offers a wide range of solutions, products and discount sales at AMIC Dental. Themostinterestingarethese: • PIEZOTOME, this piezo-electric genera- tor from Satelec® for pre-surgery implants, belongs to the category of motorized instru- ments with ultrasonic vibrations released by a piezoelectric transducer and it is used in sen- sitive procedures as osteotomy, osteoplasty, crest, and sinus lift, as well as in moew con- ventionaltreatmentsinPeriodontics(debride- ment, polishing of roots, removal of damage tissue, implants maintenance), Endodontists (cleaning and root canal filling, retro-apical surgery), Prevention (supra-and-subgingival interproximal prophylactic treatments) Prost- hodontics (inlay / onlay, crown removal and / orbridges). • Spectra Caries Detector by Air Tech- niques®. The most advanced technology for cariesdetectionusingfluorescence highlights potentiallydamagedareasthatarenotvisible throughclinicalexamination. •Newtom®ConeBeamTomographerallows implantologists and maxillofacial surgeons to obating images of the facial skull and ortho- dontists can use them for three-dimensional diagnosisandasatoolforplanningandtreat- ment. All this with a single 24-second scan, whichgivesyouaseriesof360degreeimages toachievehighestquality. • Suni® Periapical Radiology. With the smaller periapical sensor in the world, this advanced CCD technology is the perfect bal- ance between form and function. Its sensors have been redesigned with rounded edges to ensure easy positioning and optimal comfort for the patient, which besides its reinforced cable and ultrasonic sealing make it the most durableandreliablemarket. All dentists are concerned with providing quality service, which requires periodic updates not only in advancements in the practice, but also in the instruments you use regularly for your work. That’s the reason the Mexican dental manufacturer Toletek brings to your of- fice or clinic what you need: products that offer quality, efficiency and speed. The company has equipped more than 5,000 clinics with their product line. Look for them and find the best intraoral cameras, dental units and autoclaves, all at the best prices. Exhibition company DentalExpo (Moscow, Russia) is launching a mobile floor navigation system designed for the iPhone and Android- based devices at the coming «Dental-Expo 2011». The software can be downloaded free from the AppStore and Android Market. The software allows exhibi- tor search according to product categories, floor plan routing, extended exhibitor information and scientific program schedule. Presented software is similar to the one launched at the last IDS in Cologne (Germany), but with more advanced func- tionality. The system is designed to increase comfort and efficiency at the exhibition floor for the attendees as well as exhibitors. Solutions by Dentadec Toletek Technology DentalExpo Moscow to Launch iPhone navigator