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Dental Tribune United Kingdom Edition Call: 020 8965 2913 Email: Call: 020 8965 2913 Email: Proud of our 50 Years in Quality Imaging, let Velopex Lead You into the Digital Future... DTo3da27.04.11rpc A new software which monitors who is access- ing a patient’s medical records is being piloted in West Wales as part of a wider informa- tion security initiative. The pilots, which are planned to run for six months, are being run by the NHS Wales central in- formation governance team and the Hywel Dda Health Board. The software, called the Fair- Warning privacy monitoring software, will be sued to ensure that only the right health staff are seeing patient information. It will also monitor who they are treating and check that infor- mation is not be accessed when it shouldn’t be. According to a report, the NHS Wales Informatics Serv- ice pilot will evaluate whether this kind of software could be successfully used to ensure that the Individual Health Record, Welsh Clinical Portal and other initiatives are securely and safe- ly used. DT Protecting patient confidentiality The new software will protect patient confidentiality O ral diseases may be classified into the list of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) after the FDI World Dental Federation called for the change within the Unit- ed Nations and World Health Organisation (WHO). During a hearing at the UN headquarters in New York in June this year, Jean-Luc Eiselé, FDIExecutiveDirector,suggest- ed that the current list should be extended. At present the list comprises of cancer, diabetes and respiratory and cardiovas- cular diseases. Alongside the four major NCDs, including unhealthy diet (particularly high sugar con- sumption), tobacco, and harm- ful alcohol use, it has been re- ported that all oral conditions share common risk factors and it has been stated that oral health professionals play a vi- tal role in the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of the disease. During a proposal on behalf of the World Health Professions Alliance (WHPA) campaign on NCDs, Dr Eiselé made a warn- ing call of the global epidemic of NCDs, which were later echoed by Dr Habib Benzian, Director of the NGO ‘Fit for School Inter- national’, who stated how: “the most common disease world- wide is dental caries, tooth de- cay. It has large impact on soci- eties, on children, on each and every one of us … don’t forget oral diseases in the context of NCDs.” Dr Eiselé also stressed the vital role of health profession- als, and explained how they play a key part in reducing the global NCD burden through health promotion, disease pre- vention, patient care and reha- bilitation. DT Oral diseases may be reclassified A patient checks for oral cancer, which may be classified into the list of noncom- municable diseases (NCDs) C hild oral health company Brush-Baby is celebrating success after its founder Dominique Tillen was awarded an Entrepreneur of the Year award for her pioneering and innova- tive work launching Brush-Baby. The recognition demonstrates the company’s fantastic commercial success and unrivalled product offering. Indeed, Brush-Baby products can be already be found in Waitrose, John Lewis, Moth- ercare, Sainsbury’s, baby shops, pharmacists and dentists nation- wide, and also has a growing pres- ence in Europe, the Middle East and Australia. Brush-Baby’s concept of an ‘oral care pathway for babies and young children’, is built around a highly original, contemporary product range whose ultimate aim is to ‘improve the oral health of young children’. The com- pany’s first product, the Brush- Baby Chewable Toothbrush launched in 2009. The first of itskindworldwide,itisacombined versatile chewable toothbrush and teether that toddlers can use them- selves, satisfying their natural urge to chew. As they do so, it helps to clean teeth, massage gums and soothe tender teething gums. Commenting on her award win, Brush-Baby founder Domi- nique Tillen said: “I am really pleased to have won this award and my thanks to the retail- ers and parents who have put their trust in our products and come on this journey with us. Brush-Baby products fill the gap in the market for appropriate child centred products and are becom- ing increasing relevant today as young children’s oral health be- comes a real cause for concern with parents, the dental profession and policy makers alike.” Brush-Baby unveiled its oral care pathway at The Den- tistry Show in March 2011 and is now available to order. The complete range includes Den- talWipes™, innovative tooth- brushes and Xylitol / Fluoride toothpastes for babies and chil- dren aged from birth to six years. Eye-catching packaging is backed by stand-out POS graphics and engaging pack photography, and offers significant cross-selling opportunities to further energise consumer demand. To discuss retail opportuni- ties, please contact Brush-Baby on 0845 520 2229 or email domi- For more information, visit www. DT Brush baby founder named Entrepreneur of the Year 7NewsJuly 11-17, 2011United Kingdom EditionUnited Kingdom Edition