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Dental Tribune United Kingdom Edition

29Industry NewsJuly 11-17, 2011United Kingdom Edition WaveOne™ Rotary Endodontic files WaveOne, DENTSPLY’s M-Wire™ NiTi rotary endodontic files, allow the clinician greater control while preparing the canal by respecting its true morphology. Endorsed by Dr Julian Webber of The Harley Street Centre for Endodontics, WaveOne enables practitioners to prepare teeth quickly and reliably for the best possible results. “WaveOne will appeal to all colleagues, especially GDPs who are looking for a simplified method of root canal preparation, with the well-known advantages of NiTi endodontic files. Perfect canal shapes are achieved with just one single file…what more could you want?”Dr Webber said. Using thermal treatment processes to create M-Wire™,a stronger version of NiTi, WaveOne files help avoid cyclic fatigue and reduce the chances of file separation. Simple and easy to use, WaveOne rotary files are a highly cost- effective system that has been created by endodontic experts with years of experience in developing high quality, long-lasting products. For the best in customer support, DENTSPLY’s dedicated team of sales specialists is always on hand to answer the practitioner’s questions and offer advice on how to make the most of their endodontic files. For more information, or to book an appointment with your local DENTSPLY Product Specialist, call: 0800 072 3313 or visit Independent digital imaging advice and comprehensive practical support Digital Dental believes that high quality digital imaging is a cornerstone for successful Private Practice including enhancing Facial Aesthetics in all its myriad facets. Proud of their reputation, Digital Dental provides unbiased advice to enable Dentists to choose the right products for their individual digital imaging needs. They have testaments to prove it. With over 12 years’ experience, they appreciate every Practice is different and has individual requirements. Therefore they offer a range of options, enabling their clients to make the best choice for them in order to integrate the latest and most appropriate digital tools into their Practices. Not restricted to one or two manufacturers, they believe they supply the best products on the market, products that can integrate with any Practice Management Software to deliver seamless integration and paperless Practices. Their technically trained advisers demonstrate, install and train their clients on the selected equipment; ensuring they get exactly what they were promised. They can demonstrate everything at one visit and at times to suit the Practice, including “live” demonstrations not mock ups on dummy systems. They then install the equipment and provide comprehensive free hardware and software training. For further information telephone Digital Dental on 0800 027 8393, email or visit “Nobel Biocare offers a full range of products for every situation” Nobel Biocare is dedicated to providing dentists with reliable restorative and aesthetic solutions of the highest quality. Its comprehensive portfolio of products includes NobelActive™ and NobelReplace™ implants, the All- on-4™ system, NobelGuide™ and the NobelProcera™. Drs Andrew Dawood and Susan Tanner of the Dawood & Tanner Specialist Dental Practice in London routinely use many of the company’s extensive range of products in their day to day work. “Nobel Biocare offers a full range of products for every situation, from planning and diagnostics, to surgery and the final prosthetic solution. Even in situations where there is little available bone, Nobel Biocare offers a straightforward solution” Dr Dawood said. “Their supporting technologies such as NobelGuide™ and NobelProcera™ are straightforward to use and help provide predictable results. The products are backed by a fantastic level of support from the company’s representatives and an exceptional customer service.” To enable dental professionals at all stages in their careers to make the most of their products and extend their clinical understanding, Nobel Biocare also offers a variety of inspiring educational programmes and courses. Please call Nobel Biocare on 020 875 633 00 for further information and technical advice WaveOne gaining plaudits WaveOne™, DENTSPLY MAILLEFER’s revolutionary new single file endodontic system has rapidly gained popularity among dental practitioners and transformed root canal preparation, bringing simplicity and control to the procedure. Dr Ed Williams, from Penarth Dental Practice started using WaveOne very early on and has been impressed very quickly:“It is very good and has swept away all previous issues with rotary root treatments. (We can work more quickly and patients spend less time in the chair.”) DENTSPLY, who firmly established their position as market leaders with ProTaper™, introduced WaveOne in response to clinicians who wanted reliable, cost-effective, ‘preparation controlled’ results and those wanting to explore rotary endodontics for the first time. The company also offers support and training for new WaveOne users. Dr Williams bought his WaveOne through the DENTSPLY Rewards website, and although he would have had to replace equipment anyway, the rewards system was“an extra bonus”. Again, the DENTSPLY sales specialist was on hand to help and Dr Williams says it was relatively easy and he will definitely use the rewards website again. For more information, or to book an appointment with your local DENTSPLY Product Specialist, call: 0800 072 3313 or visit Smart Dentine Replacement: simple and efficient DENTSPLY is committed to investing in better dentistry and supports practitioners through the development of revolutionary new products. SDR™ Smart Dentine Replacement represents a significant breakthrough in making posterior restorations less time-consuming and cumbersome for dentists. Dr Adrian Hotham, practising in Doncaster, SouthYorkshire, is one of the many dentists who has seen the benefits of using SDR. “Having used other flowables for the past three years or so, SDR is the product I will be using in the future, not only as a liner but also as a bulk fill base.” “Its advantages are the ease of placement and the fact that I can bulk fill up to 4mm rather than having to slowly build up in 2mm increments, which makes it quicker to place restorations.” “Unlike other flowables, SDR doesn’t slump or run out. It handles well and finds its own level. It goes where you put it and it stays there.” “The packaging has been well designed. The compula form is much easier to use than having to deal with a tube; SDR can be placed directly with the Compula® delivery tip.” For more information about this exceptional new product, contact your local representative. Call +44 (0)800 072 3313 or visit Looking at Cone Beam Technology! Digital Dental have the range to suit every requirement and budget Looking at Cone Beam Technology! Digital Dental have the range to suit every requirement and budget Digital Dental offers a complete range of cone beam digital imaging systems. The entry-level Uni-3D is a combined panoramic and small FOV cone beam CT system which can be upgraded with a one shot Ceph for orthodontic applications. It has been designed for the multi- disciplinary practice which carries out implant dentistry. The mid-range Duo 3D offers a wider selection of fields of view, with four options between 5cm x 5cm and 12cm x 8cm. Top-of-the-range, the Reve 3D is the first system to offer Free FOV ranging from 5cm x 5cm to 15cm x 15cm. This further extends the range of diagnostic capabilities and includes various default values for greater operator convenience. All of the systems automatically switch between the panoramic and CT sensor and can replace your existing OPG – enabling you to scan every type of image without the need to purchase more than one device. The 3D images are viewed with the powerful EZ3D software. They deliver all the anatomical information for single up to full arch implant placement, and are ideal for precise endodontic, orthodontic and periodontal diagnoses. For further information call Digital Dental on 0800 027 8393, email or visit Superb Results with the L-R Appliance by Oralign Ltd With the Oralign Ltd L-R appliance, giving your patients their dream smile couldn’t be simpler. Just take x-rays, photos and full mouth impressions during consultation and the Oralign Ltd laboratory will send you costing’s, a treatment plan and a projected outcome to offer your patient. Effective on the anterior teeth in just 12- 14 weeks and worn for only 14 hours a day (including overnight), the L-R appliance is the ultimate in fast, discreet, effective orthodontics and is perfect for adult patients. Oralign Ltd utilises a unique method of interdental stripping along with a small removable appliance to facilitate treatment. Ideal for overcrowding in one or both arches, the L-R appliance does not affect the rest of the mouth and is minimally invasive, diminishing the need for restorative procedures such as veneers. With Oralign Ltd there are no hidden fees, so what you see is what the patient gets, and what the patient gets is the smile they always wanted. For clinical information please contact Dr Ross Hobson on 07710 243690 or email: For information on administration please contact Dr Lester Ellman on 07973 875 503 or email: Web: Straight Talk Online Inman Aligner Courses Effectively straightening misaligned anterior teeth through a single removable device, the Inman Aligner system offers GDPs a fast, truly conservative solution to meeting the increased demand for adult orthodontic treatment. Clinicians looking for a convenient introduction to this revolutionary device should consider registering for an accredited online course from Straight Talk. The six-week e-course covers treatment sequence, case selection and case type limitations. It also serves as the perfect refresher, post hands-on seminar. Dr Andrew Legg, of Glen Maye Dental Practice in Scotland, recently completed the online course, and said: “The Inman Aligner was brought to my attention by Dr James Russell of Straight Talk Seminars. I was more than impressed with the results he was getting - in particular, the ethical value of not having to prepare teeth to achieve a beautiful smile. “The online videos were short and concise, covering each aspect of the system, from the science behind the aligner, to cases, troubleshooting and everything in between. “The course is also backed up by the online forum. “I would highly recommend the online course as a starting point or indeed a refresher for the Inman System.” For more information, or to book your place, please contact Caroline on 0207 2552559 (UK) or visit NEW Digital Doc Iris The NEW Digital Doc Iris from Digital Dental, the UK’s leading independent digital imaging company, combines brilliance with beauty and is the latest advance in intraoral cameras because it is simpler, smarter and sharper. The Digital Doc Iris is simple to use because everything is integrated within the handpiece. It features a new sure-touch multi-stop Focus Wheel, enabling precise focusing from macro to full smile with a touch of the finger, and a unique USB 2.0 connector that fits virtually all standard delivery unit couplings and plugs into your computer for fast image downloading and easy viewing. Its new streamlined profile has a smaller, narrower soft-tip head which facilitates easier access to the retromolar region. It also features brilliant 8-point LED lighting and Sony’s Hi-Resolution CCD for greater illumination and enhanced optical clarity. Another key feature is its dual capture buttons for easy left and right hand use, a big advantage in multi-user surgeries. Altogether the Digital Doc Iris delivers the clearest, most detailed images currently available. The Dental Doc Iris can be used with any digital imaging software and USB2 equipped PC or laptop. For further information telephone Digital Dental on 0800 027 8393, email or visit AnyRa …. the truly portable intraoral x-ray unit from Digital Dental The NEW AnyRay portable digital radiography unit from Digital Dental delivers greater flexibility on how you take your intraoral radiographs. The portable and battery operated AnyRay is held and used just like a digital camera. Versatile and wireless, AnyRay is ideal for multi room-operation, domiciliary use and as a back- up system. The DC High Frequency generator delivers high image quality with minimized x-ray exposure and can capture over 100 images without the need to recharge the battery. AnyRay is compatible with film and optimised for digital radiography. Removing the limitations of traditional wall-mounted intraoral x-ray units, AnyRay is the system of the future. For further information call Digital Dental on 0800 027 8393, email or visit Best behaviour - improving patient’s oral health compliance Improving patient compliance is seen as key to improving oral health and one which Philips has dedicated considerable R & D resources to tackling. Such research includes studies carried out by Philips before the launch of its latest and clinically superior sonic toothbrush, DiamondClean which shows that it removes 100 per cent more plaque in hard to reach places than a manual toothbrush, improves gum health in two weeks and is clinically proven to whiten teeth naturally in one week. The newly configured tufting on the brush head also features reminder bristles which fade in colour after three months use to prompt users to replace the brush head to continue to brush optimally. Further research conducted by Philips showed that 30 per cent of the population could benefit from more effective interdental cleaning and the company launched Sonicare AirFloss, a first-of- its-kind innovation which uses ‘microburst’ technology to remove plaque and particles from between the teeth. Studies showed that after one month of using Sonicare AirFloss 96 per cent of patients who flossed irregularly continued to use it at least four times per week. For more information about ways in which Sonicare products can change patients’oral health behaviour please visit. Effective interdental cleaning with Tandex With the recent launch of its Flexi Max interdental brush at the British Dental Association Conference in May 2011, the Danish company Tandex’ reputation for excellence in the dental industry has been confirmed. As an adjunct to the popular Tandex Flexi range of interdental brushes, the Flexi Max is the ideal answer for those patients who find interproximal cleaning difficult. Many patients, including the younger and older patients, as well as those wearing fixed orthodontic appliances and experiencing manual dexterity problems, find string floss difficult to use and consequently, compliance is low. However, the Tandex Flexi Max is designed with an angled head and long, soft grip handle, which helps with visibility and manoeuvrability. With a range of colour-coded handles to make picking the right size a breeze, the Tandex Flexi Max is suitable for every dental patient. Preventative dentistry relies on finding a way to help people help themselves, so for a simple, manageable way for your patients to take control of their interdental cleaning, recommend the Flexi Max - another great quality product from Tandex. For more information on any of Tandex’ range of products for better oral health, please visit