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Dental Tribune United Kingdom Edition

July 11-17, 201120 Cosmetic Tribune United Kingdom Edition Join our ‘Smile of Dentists’ & enjoy outstanding lab work Contact Sarah Pinkerton: For a Full Price List Call: 01474 326124 Premium Restoration Prices: £ e.max® Press Crown/Inlay 80.00 Nash Zirconia 99.00 Nash Zirconia Full Contour 72.00 LavaTM by 3M 140.00 Implants Additional 80.00 Customising Abutments 35.00 Implant Stent 40.00 New Product Full Terms & Conditions are available on our website Honestly Low Prices forQuality W ork Crown & Bridgefrom the lab that brought you Porcelain Bonded Crowns & enjoy outstanding Porcelain Bonded Crowns from just £24.95! C areful integration of the dif- ferent dental specialties is the basis of modern dentist- ry, especially when the treatment goal is an aesthetic and functional oral rehabilitation of the patient.1,2 Today, aesthetic oral rehabilitation integrates three basic concepts —bio-compatibility,mechanicsand, of course, beauty — in order to pre- serve the anatomical structures of the stomatognathic system and to fulfil functional purposes. At the same time, utmost attention is paid to achieving aesthetic goals in ac- cordance with the current trends in aesthetic dentistry and thus ful- filling the patients’ expectations.3 With comprehensive oral reha- bilitation as our main goal, utilisa- tionofthedifferentareasindentist- ry becomes extremely important in order to establish a precise diagnosis, treatment plan and fi- nally treatment. Orthodontics, for example,hasclearlydefinedobjec- tives, such as the establishment of a functional occlusion, the preser- vation of periodontal health and the achievement of a stable result within the boundaries given by physiology and dentofacial har- mony.4,5 When the case is presented to the patient prior to any interven- tion, individual limitations of that particular case must be considered in order to avoid unreal expecta- tions. The patient needs to have a clear idea of the treatment plan, re- alistic expectations with regard to the final result, and previous and posterior dental needs. Therefore, meticulous examination and good communication with the patient are of utmost importance.4,5 There are a number of different cases in which the combination of ortho- dontics and restorative dentistry is advisable, such as Bolton’s and vertical discrepancies, peg-shaped teeth, discrepancies in height and width, diastemas, agenesia, mal- formations, extrusions, intrusions, attrition etc.6–8 Not solving the problems mentioned above might result in failure of the orthodontic therapy due to relapse, periodon- tal complications, occlusal insta- bility or overall dissatisfaction.9,10 However, the careful planning and combination of aesthetics and orthodontic functionality in com- bination with the new restorative materials available today enable us to obtain harmonic results.2,11 This article seeks to demon- strate the manner in which the goals of an orthodontic treatment were fulfilled in a clinical case. A multidisciplinary approach is in- dispensable for the achievement of the therapeutic goals of func- tionality and aesthetics, which are obtained thanks to modern direct restorative dentistry as part of a comprehensive treatment plan and followed by an aesthetic and functional execution of that plan. Case report The patient was unhappy with her dental aesthetics after completion of fixed orthodontic treatment. In addition, she did not like the appearance of her incisal edges, nor the texture or translucency of the incisal third of her central incisors (Figs. 1 & 2). After gain- ing a clear understanding of the patient’s expectations and having informed her of the therapeutic possibility of treating the case with Integration of aesthetics and function with composite resins Dr Lostaunau discusses funtionality and aesthetics