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Dental Tribune United Kingdom Edition

July 11-17, 201116 Cosmetic Tribune United Kingdom Edition 30% 22% 16% 10% The Pioneers of Teeth Whitening Whitening specialists since 1992 Call us now: 01227 780009 The New ‘LowCost’ whitening In-surgery Power & Home Carbamide QWCPHP150311RG Diamond nano-hybrid com- posite not only increase the packing density of the fillers but also reduce the volumet- ric shrinkage, increase the strength and abrasion resist- ance and enhance the translu- cency of the material. The new matrix system in combination with the nanofillers results in reduced shrinkage of approxi- mately 1.5 per cent by volume and shrinkage stress of approx- imately 2.8 MPa. The mechanical proper- ties of nanofiller-hybrid com- posites are superior to those of pure hybrid materials and the handling and clinical advantages also outweigh those of pure hybrid materi- als. The good polishability and durable stability of the pol- ished surface, is a result of the optimised filler system of the composite. Venus Diamond: The shade concept A special shade concept was developed for Venus Diamond to meet the requirements of all clinical situations both in the multiple build-up tech- nique and the monochromatic technique. This concept subdi- vides the shade system into the three levels of translucency of opaque, universal and incisal, which are matched to the Vita shade system and correspond to a respective translucency of 30 per cent, 51 per cent and 55 per cent. The aesthetic shade concept is simple and logical- ly structured so that the most attractive high-end resto- rations as well as efficient restorations, adapted to the shade of the tooth, can be fab- ricated. The shade adaptation to the surrounding tooth structure is promoted by the optical effect of the nanoparticles. They in- crease the translucency of the restoration material, particu- larly in thin layers, creating a fluent shade transition. Opaque is available for use as a Dentine shade with low translucency, Universal as an enamel shade with medium translucency and Incisal with a high translu- cency for the incisal edge. The hues have been adapted to cor- respond with VITA; the intensi- ty (chroma) is regulated by the layer thickness. There is a total of 23 shades available. A further four opaque dentine shades, which have in- creased opacity and chroma, page 15DTß ‘The shade adap- tation to the sur- rounding tooth structure is pro- moted by the optical effect of the nano- particles’ Fig.6: Venus Diamond Flow A2 was applied as a liner. The flowable composite lines undercuts and acts as a stress breaker.