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Dental Tribune United Kingdom Edition

July 11-17, 201112 Cosmetic Tribune United Kingdom Edition page 11DTß events to take your breath away. Just a typical ESCD Annual Meet- ing, really! These are challenging times in dentistry. The sort of education provided by ESCD can transform practices; new techniques, new treatments, new ideas. You’ll learn things that can help put you on the leading edge of the profession. You’ll be able to offer things other practices simply can’t offer. How’s that for a competitive advantage? It gets better. The philosophy of ESCD is to make top-class dental education affordable for everyone. Fees for both member- ship and events are kept to a mini- mum. You don’t even have to be a member to enjoy the meeting but you get a great discount if you join. With budget airlines offering inexpensive flights to Dubrovnik from airports across the UK it’s an opportunity not to be missed. Then there’s the networking. You’ll meet leading clinicains from across Europe. The discussions you have with colleagues outside the lecture halls can have as much influence on your future success as the lectures themselves. You may, of course, decide to attend on your own. Fine. You’ll gain a lot. The only condition is that you have to be an expert com- municator who can explain to your partner or team members why you’re depriving them of an idyllic and purposeful weekend and depriving yourself of the ad- vantages their attendance would bring! Great education, fun social events, a superb location and un- equalled camaraderie. All this at a fantastic price. Some colleagues may be wor- ried about attending an event in a foreign country. They may be con- cerned there’ll be nobody there they know. Don’t be! I’ll be there and I’ll be happy to arrange a little get-together for UK delegates the night before the Conference. Just email me if you want more infor- mation. The official language of ESCD is English so don’t worry about not being able to understand lectures given by European colleagues. As you might have guessed by now, I’m a great supporter of ESCD. I’ve been attending their events for years. As a member, I’ve been enjoying all the membership benefits and calling upon the ad- vice and expertise of the director- ship which has really helped me develop my practice. Why don’t you do the same? Do something fantastic this Autumn! You’re guaranteed to have a great time and you experi- ences could well lead to a fantastic future! Philip Lewis can be contacted at: Philip-Lewis@btcon- ESCD www.escdonline. eu DT For more information> savE cEllsNEw Ems swiss iNstrumENts surgErY – saviNg tissuE with NEw iNNovatioNs iN implaNt dENtistrY The inventor of the Original Piezon Method has won another battle against the destruction of tissue when dental implants are performed. The magic word is dual cooling – instrument cooling from the inside and outside together with simultane- ous debris evacuation and efficient surgical preparations in the maxilla. cooliNg hEals A unique spiral design and internal irrigation prevent the instrument’s temperature from rising during the surgical procedure. These features combine effectively to promote excel- lent regeneration of the bone tissue. EMS Swiss Instruments Surgery MB4, MB5 and MB6 are diamond- coated cylindrical instruments for secondary surgical preparation (MB4, MB5) and final osteotomy (MB6). A spiral design combined with innovative dual cooling makes these instruments unique in implant dentistry. coNtrol savEs Effective instrument control fosters atraumatic implant preparation and minimizes any potential damage to the bone tissue. prEcisioN rEassurEs Selective cutting represents virtually no risk of damage to soft tissue (membranes, nerves, blood vessels, etc.). An optimum view of the operative site and minimal bleeding thanks to cavitation (hemostatic effect!) further enhance efficacy. The new EMS Swiss Instruments Surgery stand for unequaled Swiss precision and innovation for the benefit of dental practitioners and patients alike – the very philosophy embraced by EMS. > EMS Swiss Instrument Surgery MB6 with unique spiral design and internal instrument irrigation for ultralow temperature at the operative site Nasser Barghi James Goolnik Tif Qureshi Wolfgang Ritcher ESCD socials