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Dental Tribune United Kingdom Edition

Cosmetic tribune pages 11-12 Philip Lewis looks forward to the ESCD annual meeting Something fantastic perio Tribune Do something fantastic this Autumn!philip Lewis looks forward to the 8th ESCD Annual Meeting W hich of the following is true for you? • I’d like to be more successful • I’d like to really enjoy attending postgraduate education • I love to travel and appreciate a little pampering • I like to take my team with me to postgraduate events so that they come back as motivated as I am I don’t like spending an arm and a leg! If you answered ‘yes’ to even one of these questions the ESCD Annual Meeting is for you! ESCD? Who? The European Society of Cos- metic Dentistry is a truly interna- tional association with members throughout Europe and beyond. It’s not a faceless society; you prob- ably know a number of its lead- ing members already as they’re household names in the UK as well! ESCD is different. It’s a Soci- ety that welcomes the whole den- tal team. Its meetings attract truly world-class speakers but there’s a friendliness and intimacy about it rarely equalled elsewhere. The 2011 Meeting will be held in the picturesque medieval city of Dubrovnik on the shores of the Mediterranean on September 30th and October 1st. ‘Little Sum- mer’ as it’s known in the area. A time when days are still warm, the sea still inviting and the town qui- et after most of the summer visi- tors have returned home. Sounds good? That’s only the start! Have a look at the program: Keynote speakers include Pro- fessor Dr Nasser Barghi from San Antonio USA speaking on bonded all-ceramic restorations. A true legend of operative den- tistry, not everyone has had the priviledge of attending Dr Barghi’s lectures as they are usually over- subscribed and rarely presented on this side of the Atlantic. Be amazed about what is possible in modern dentistry and be inspired as Dr Barghi explains how many of his apparently complex tech- niques are easily accessible for all practitioners. Many UK practitioners are familiar with Drs Tif Qureshi, James Russel and Lennart Jacob- sen through the innovative and practice-changing Inman Aligner. In this lecture they will be ex- plaining and introducing the con- cepts of the most popular modern approach to dentistry among both clinicians and patients; minimal intervention. Dr James Goolnik and Mr Luke Barnett One of the UK’s leading innova- tors is joined one of the nation’s top dental technicians in this presentation on Internet Market- ing; probably the most pertinent method for practice expansion of the decade. Dr Bob Khanna Most of us associate Bob with the development of facial aesthetic techniques in the UK; overlooking the fact that he is also an accom- plished aesthetic dentist. This is a rare opportunity to see this per- sonable and approachable clini- cian lecture and meet him in the informal atmosphere of the ESCD social events. That’s just a few. There are many others; Wolfgang Richter, President of ESCD and expert in composite bonding, Martin Jor- gens and Marcel Wainwright whose experience in lasers and other advanced techniques has to be seen to be believed. Noam Tamir from Smile-On as well as other eminent speakers. Profes- sors, clinicians and experts from around Europe. The ever-popular clinical tips session; lectures and workshops and of course, social page 14DTà pages 14-18 Heinrich Middelmann presents a case report Venus Diamond perio Tribune pages 20-21 Dr Lostaunau provides an interesting case The intergration of aesthetics perio Tribune